Advantages and disadvantages of mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is an alternative to such a method as liposuction. It is used in almost all countries. Mesotherapy is a cosmetic way that can adjust defects on the body. The method is based on the destruction of fatty layers and cellulite for a long period of time. It was based gradually, passing the necessary stages for its successful development in the future. In the United States, they continue to examine the injections that are used for this procedure, because it contains many positive qualities.

Advantages and disadvantages of mesotherapy

In this article, one can consider the positive points present in mesotherapy so that every woman enthusiastic about this method has an idea of ​​its conduct, treatment and, accordingly, the result.

Mesotherapy is a non -invasimic method that adjusts the contour of the body in such a way that fat tissue with a special component is introduced into it. This method is suitable for those women who would like to get rid of a few centimeters in a certain area of ​​the body.

For this procedure, plant extracts, vitamins and everything that helps in work on the destruction of fat cells are used and eliminates them naturally. The composition of such injections also includes means of anesthesia and painkillers, which significantly improve the well -being of girls.

Advantages and disadvantages of mesotherapy

Mesotherapy – as a standard procedure, it includes components that approved the corresponding structures and instances. And for its conduct, a wide profile specialist is required and, having a certain license.

During this procedure, the injection is introduced under the skin. Mesotherapy of the face and body is popular. It is carried out in specialized centers where they are engaged in cosmetology, injections can be introduced into the thighs, buttocks and abdomen, and after a few days you can observe the destruction of fat cells. To achieve the effectiveness of the result, a full course of procedures should be carried out, as a result of which the required number of injections will be introduced.

Mesotherapy is able to cope with wrinkles, sagging of the skin, and also if there are scars and scars on the body.

There are several types of procedures that promote skin rejuvenation

Nappage is one of the variety of mesotherapy, where the needle under the skin is not injected so that part of the component is on top. As a result, there will be practically no trace on the skin;

Using micropapuls: with this method, the needle is inserted into the epidermis layer by approximately 2 mm, and the necessary substance using the injection is distributed at the same distance from each other. This type of mesotherapy is very popular and is used both on the face and on the body;

a technique resembling a ruler is used to eliminate wrinkles.

Positive aspects of mesotherapy:

This procedure is non -invasive;

For it, general anesthesia is not used;

It does not require stationary stay;

Mesotherapy allows you to stimulate the circulatory system on the part of the body that was affected during the procedure;

Negative sides of mesotherapy:

During the procedure, burning is possible in a certain area;

The price category is quite high;

After the injection, the bruises are often noticed;

an allergy to the introduced substances may be observed;

the area into which the injection may be swollen almost all the time.

Mesotherapy is a good choice for solving problems associated with overweight and rejuvenation of the body, has many positive aspects if this procedure is engaged in a professional license.

Advantages and disadvantages of mesotherapy

While such a difficult choice, it is necessary to think about the fact that various procedures are capable of and negatively affect the human body, so for the right choice we recommend using the tips above 97%.