Advantages of powder colors

Powder paint is small -dispersal powder, which is obtained as a result of melting coloring pigments, a film -forming component and special additives, followed by crushing and extrusion of the composition.

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The film -forming component is polyester, acrylate, epoxy or urethic resin. Particles of finished paint in size do not exceed 100 microns.

The technology of painting is emergency and safe in environmental terms. A uniform layer of polymer powder on the painted surface allows you to give high decorative properties to products, while protective indicators of the polymer coating are preserved. The material is best applied to metal surfaces, but glass is also processed.

Powder paint is more economical than liquid paints and varnishes. Equipment for powder painting is relatively compact and takes up a little space. The speed of polymerization allows you to reduce the time for drying painted products. The coefficient of useful paint consumption is at least 95%, which is much more economical than when working with conventional compounds on solvents.

The advantage of powder paint is the strength of the coating to chemical, physical and mechanical influences. In fact, the coating is a layer of elastic plastic, which, through a special application technology, is given very high adhesion. A layer of powder paint has electrical insulating and anti -corrosion properties.