How to photograph a couple in love

The genre, the so -called Love Story, or shooting a couple in love is becoming increasingly and more popular in the photo. Typically, lovers order such a photo shoot before the wedding, but many couples just want to capture the moments of love and tenderness in the pictures. If you decide to engage in such a photograph, then know, this work requires good imagination, originality and new ideas. All of the issues listed along with the knowledge of the technical side of the issue will certainly give you the desired result.

How to photograph a couple in love

So, in most cases, such a photograph is a series of pictures that will talk about the beautiful love story of lovers, about their past meeting, novel and present time. In order to arbitrarily capture such shots, we need to take into account a number of moments that we will now figure out.

Choosing a place

The first thing to do is choose a place, or even a few places for such a shooting. Of course, this place should not be ordinary or beaten, where, for example, they take pictures of all coupling couples in a significant monument in the city center. It is better if it is a romantic square, a garden or a park where there are flowers, benches, paths that go into the distance, where there is something you can play with, creating your invented plot, if this does not contradict the ideas of the history of lovers. So if the couple met on the beach or at the university, then it is advisable to think through the shooting in advance, start taking pictures there.


The plot depends on each individual pair, and first you need to talk about it with lovers. Having found out their desires, ideas and offering something from yourself, you can create an incredible love story in pictures. This can be the first kiss under the canopy of foliage or university friendship, out of love, views, touch, full expanse for imagination and creativity. You can revise photos on this topic of other photographers, add something of your own, finalize the idea, but it’s better not to copy completely, because, as originality in this genre is far from the last place. The main thing to always remember when setting up the plot is the need to convey the emotions and feelings of lovers.


You can make excellent photos of lovers in any weather, the question is only about what weather itself prefers to be photographed.

How to photograph a couple in love

The best option for shooting would be morning when the light is soft and it will be a pleasure to shoot. It is not recommended to shoot during sunny weather during the day, because the sun at noon has aggressive rays, and they will negatively affect the frames. But if you found clouds and the pouring rain began, do not rush to cancel the photo shoot, since this weather will become very favorable for romantic subjects: lovers can run through puddles or hide from the rain in a romantic gazebo.

Emotional side

Raking photos of lovers, their freedom and naturalness is of great importance. To do this, you need to find an approach to your models, try to create a friendly and relaxed environment. Remember this rule: the more natural the lovers behave, they will be easier for you to catch an emotional frame, capture emotion and take amazing pictures.


When shooting a couple, you will need a camera that you can control by changing the parameters depending on your wishes. When shooting a close -up, if you want to blur the background around, open the diaphragm wider, and, conversely, close the diaphragm more to obtain clear pictures.

How to photograph a couple in love

A good solution would be a portrait lens, but the standard whale is also suitable. The outbreak and tripod will be useful in such shooting. If you plan a long -term photo shoot, do not forget to take a spare battery with you to the camera.