How to straighten your hair

You can straighten your hair constantly, for which in beauty salons a special procedure is performed, or daily, which can be done on your own at home using a hair dryer or ironing iron. This question is interested not only in the owners of the curls. If you have wavy and straight hair, you look spectacular and well -groomed if your hair is straightened. Owners of thin hair also want their hair to look tight, voluminous and shiny. In this case, you should resort to a procedure called hair laminating. With this modern method, you can support your hair in great shape.

Consider how to straighten your hair with a hair dryer correctly. The hair dryer should be in any house, this is the most affordable tool with which you can get perfectly straight hair. Also, when using this method, minimal hair damage occurs, which makes it possible to do daily styling. But when straightening the hair with a hairdryer, you need to use a special balm and hair thermal protection for hair. First, you need to apply a tool used for styling and has thermal protection on wet hair. After that, you need to comb the hair with a rare -to -mouth crest or comb. After that, you need to use the Brashger. So they call a round comb like a brush that is perfect for our case. Buy high -quality brawing, which has a natural pile.

Capture one strand by getting a brush under it, and start making a movement that imitates hair stretching from the roots. Occasionally you need to stretch one strand two or three times if you have very curly hair or your hair dryer has insufficient power (less than 1800 watts). The direction of the air jet should be down, which is important for the straightening procedure. The maximum air concentration in this direction should be achieved. Use a narrow nozzle for a hair dryer when straightening hair.

To straighten hair, use an iron. Such irons are becoming more popular among owners of curls and wavy hair. Buy such irons not in the departments selling household appliances, but in a specialized hairdresser. There is a choice of professional and semi -professional irons that are capable of injuring your hair, but also have effectiveness. Do not choose irons that are equipped with metal plates, if you do not want to finally ruin your hair. We recommend you ironing with an ion-ceramic coating or turmaline coating of plates.