Advantages of buying a new building

For many of our compatriots, the acquisition of an apartment is perhaps the most responsible deal in life, requiring thorough training. Today, more and more families purchase apartments in new buildings, due to the rapid development of this real estate market segment. The purchase of a new building has a number of undeniable advantages – brand new apartments have an excellent layout, houses are built taking into account modern technologies and only from high -quality materials, many banks give profitable mortgage loans for the purchase of a new building, and developers themselves offer installments and conduct various shares. Personally, I have been interested in the new buildings of Feofania, where there are apartments with an excellent price ratio and quality.

Apartments in new buildings

Of course, housing in the Novostroy, along with advantages, has its own disadvantages – many apartments are rented out with draft, which forces Novoselov to start overhaul. Black decoration is a cement screed on the floor, plastering walls and does not provide for the installation of doors, installation of plumbing and conducting electrical wiring. But the fact that developers sell many apartments for major repairs can also be calculated by the advantage, because every housewature will be able to make the finish in his apartment to their liking and from those materials that he can afford. A person does not have to dismantle the doors that he does not like and cross the floor, change plumbing or tiles in the bathroom. Having bought a new building with a rough finish, each person gets the opportunity to realize his most bold design project.

Safety of new buildings

Today, new buildings are handed over only taking into account all the requirements and safety standards. New houses are equipped with fire and other safety systems. Every year these systems will improve and they become more and better. For example, the advantage of water fire extinguishing systems is its complete safety for people and today it is considered the best.

Infrastructure of new residential complexes

As a rule, along with the new residential array, kindergartens, schools, hospitals, parks and shopping centers are growing. You can be sure that your child will not have to go to school in another area, and a playground will be equipped on the territory of your house. In the yards of new buildings there are usually enough parking spaces, and the yard itself is most often fenced and guarded. There will not be long to wait for the transport and usually there are stops and convenient transport interchanges next to residential arrays.