Help from qualified lawyers to obtain Ukrainian citizenship

Moving to Ukraine for permanent residence and obtaining citizenship involves resolving many issues. There are strict legal guidelines on who can get a passport quickly and which applicants will have to wait years. To reduce time and simplify the process, it is worth using the services of a lawyer who can help you get Ukrainian citizenship.

Features of a lawyer’s work

There are many factors in this issue; the decision may depend on a set of specific circumstances, therefore an individual approach to each case is practiced. General advice in such situations will not be able to solve the problem, so the lawyers of Gurlov and Partners offer the following services:

  1. Detailed analysis of the situation, study of all the circumstances, assessment of the chances of obtaining citizenship.
  2. Based on the actions taken, the real opportunity to obtain citizenship, the timing of the procedure are determined, and the costs are estimated.
  3. If you order full support of the process of obtaining Ukrainian citizenship, then specialists will select all the necessary documents and carry out the actions required by law.
  4. Lawyers will accompany the client to the migration authorities of Ukraine, help prepare for the interview, and provide assistance in other matters.
  5. Obtaining confirmation of citizenship rights for a child of any age.
  6. Assistance is provided in case of renunciation of previous citizenship.

It is worth considering that marriage to Ukrainian citizens and investing in the economy are not grounds for obtaining citizenship; only a residence permit can be issued. The time frame for obtaining a Ukrainian passport for people who were not born in the country and do not have close relatives here is delayed for years, so the help of lawyers will become necessary to reduce the wait.


Lawyers who are deeply immersed in the issue, who know all the intricacies of the law and the peculiarities of conducting cases, will work with the client. They have a good understanding of the entire mechanism of the procedure and understand how to achieve results in the most optimal time frame.

For citizens who do not know the Ukrainian language, an English-speaking specialist will be provided who will translate all documentation and perform other types of work.

Also, the firm’s lawyers will help in obtaining permanent residence and residence permits, registering a foreign company, and other issues of work and life in Ukraine. Services are provided to individuals and legal entities.