How to choose a journal for reading

Our country has been one of the most reading in the world for many years. Indeed, people with a book or a magazine in their hands can be seen everywhere: in the subway, in parks, trains and even on the beach. Magazines are offered on airplanes, they are laid out on tables in beauty salons, in offices, places for relaxation, so that people can have a good time for free time.

Magazines are always bright and colorfully illustrated and designed for a certain target audience. They are divided into children’s, female, male, and can also be scientific, humorous, literary, etc. How to choose the right journal for reading from a wide variety of existing print media?

How to choose a journal for reading

First you need to decide who you are buying a magazine for a child, man, woman or elderly person. Given the age of the reader, you need to pay attention to some points. For example, girls are interested in learning the secrets of seduction of young people how to behave on a first date, how to apply makeup and much more correctly. Young persons are very fond of horoscopes, predictions and various tests, so when choosing a magazine for a teenager, it is worth paying attention to whether there are “mystical” articles and headings there. The most famous magazines among young girls are Cosmopolitan and Glomour.

But women of more mature age will be interested in valuable advice on preserving and strengthening marriage, secrets of raising children, etc.D. Such magazines include: “Lisa”, “I want”, “home”.

There are “narrow-profile magazines”, telling only about fashion, needlework, gardening, cooking, they are suitable for those who are passionate about any hobby, each such magazine has its own readers and fans.

How to choose a journal for reading

A universal magazine for different generations (for example, for mom and daughter) will be a magazine with stories about stars, new products in perfumes and cosmetics, recipes of exquisite dishes. The magazine “Caravan of Stories” is the best option for joint reading.

Men are most often interested in sports, cars, business and, of course, girls. Each of these categories has its own magazines. Perhaps the most famous men’s magazines are Playboy, Menshealth, Maxim “.

Magazines about business and career, sports and a healthy lifestyle can be interesting to both men and women “Forbs”, “Business magazine”, “Business and time”, etc.D.

Fans of travel magazines are also interesting to people of different ages and gender.

Children’s magazines must be with illustrations, bright and juicy colors. The main point when choosing a children’s magazine, so that it combines both game and cognitive material. Magazines are published for preschoolers (“for the most-sung”, “rattles”, “sparrows”), schoolchildren (“little one”, “craftswoman”, “murzilka”, “funny pictures”), for teenagers of boys and girls (“Young Technician for children ”,“ Geopolok ”,“ Play with Barbie ”,“ Princess ”).

How to choose a journal for reading

Boys, as a rule, are attracted by popular science magazines, comics and Disney “. Girls like magazines about dolls, animals, nature.

Our grandparents will be happy with magazines in which crosswords and puzzles are published, and gardeners will like magazines with tips on how to grow a rich and tasty crop.

On-line magazines are gaining great popularity. It is convenient, free, available at any time. Almost every popular magazine has their own website on the Internet, where anyone can find out and read all the information that is in the printed publication.

There are a lot of magazines that exist only on the Internet, and it is impossible to buy them “Cleo”, “wwwoman”, “le-mon”, “Woman’s Magazine”, “Beauty”, “Eilchy”, “Nuances”. On the sites of these magazines you will also find useful information about health, fashion, beauty and relationships with the opposite sex.