How to choose a winter headdress

In winter we want to protect ourselves from the cold. And buying winter accessories is the best way to do this. The choice of a successful winter accessory may seem a difficult task. A large selection complicates everything. We are looking for things practical and comfortable, and at the same time we want to look good.

What to choose?

How to choose a winter headdress

A fur option is suitable for a fur coat, combined with it in shade and texture of fur. The mink product will be well combined with a beret of a similar color, or a knitted hat of the adjacent silhouette.

The sheepskin coat looks profitable with a device that combines two different materials: fur and knitting, fur and skin.

Hat ear-a good addition to the Alaska jacket with a fur edge. Sports jackets are perfectly combined with narrow hats tightening the head. Try to choose a color based on contrast. The black jacket is good with a white hat, blue with yellow, red – with black or gray.

A stylish accessory can be a hat. Choose one in which you will feel good and convenient. High tula and medium fields are good for a round shape, but rather for the elongated. Stop the hat only if you are looking for a special accessory that can become an expression of your charisma in fashion. The hat will also be a great choice if you strive to hide the shortcomings in the hairstyle. You can choose a hat of the men’s style, and wear it with trousers, as well as with a long dress and boots.

How to choose a winter headdress

You can choose a beret more suitable for an elongated face, visually making it more round. It can be a knitted beret, made by a harboon viscous. It will be stylish if you put it on a slightly slanting, as if careless.

The simpler your fur coat, sheepskin coat or coat looks, the more difficult headdress is required. And the complex design in clothes looks good with a simple winter device.

The shape of the head, the oval of the face also play a role in the selection of a winter accessory. With a person round we recommend choosing asymmetric semi -adjacent hats. Haps very tight -fitting head require an ideal head and oval face type. Berets “with volume” are suitable for almost everyone and make your image softer.

If you have a very high forehead, then a deeply planted and high hat will hide it. An elongated or triangular face will decorate a fur hat. Knitted caps are designed for owners of oval shape, they make a lighter chin easier.

With wide shoulders, you need to wear volumetric devices for winter, light shades, large knitting. With fur products, take abundant fur with a long pile.

The red-haired ladies are suitable for plum and chocolate shades of winter hats, dark-blink or ashen color of hair will emphasize light gray, pearl, pistachio or gray-blue color, blonde with gold curls are white-white, peach, beige, the color of spring green; Brunettes can safely use shades of fuchsia, electric blue, white, black, purple.

How to choose a winter headdress

An important application to the winter headdress – a scarf or a steamer. They are the easiest to choose. It is advisable to select a scarf for 2 or 3 shades lighter or darker than outerwear. In this case, you will look bright. The texture of the scarf is better combined with the texture of the headgear, if their thickness and villi are almost the same.

The most sensitive to winter cold ears. Therefore, it is important to take care of the ears, for example, by acquiring headphones. They are both convenient and practical. A good option can be a warm bandage on the head, plain or decorated with knitted bow or flower.

If before the fashionable detail was a hood, now a hat with a scarf has become relevant. Novelty are hats with feathers. Like lace on knitted hats look live. Natural fur is now used as a decoration of outerwear and hats.

Winter trend in fashion – volumetric berets, caps and volumetric caps. Hungry devices in the Russian style, such as “pie” or Russian volumetric fur cap, are also more fashionable.