How to grow fairies at home

The last few years it has become more and more popular in its apartments to have a tree of Feihoa. There is an opinion that the fruits of Feihoa are rich in iodine, and, therefore, very useful. This plant from South America (the Mirtov family) can grow as a shrub and as a tree.

Such a tree in your apartment, with evergreen, leathery and thick leaves (in addition to collecting Feijoa berries), will fit perfectly into the interior and will be a real decoration.

You should take care of illumination, as this plant needs a very large amount of light. You need to buy good lamps and install them where Feihoa will grow.

The optimum temperature for the tree is 18-20 degrees above zero. In winter, it is recommended to reduce the temperature to plus 12 degrees.

The soil in which Feihoa grows, it is necessary to moisten regularly.

Earth should consist of humus, sod soil and sand (all in equal proportions).

During the transplant, you need to try not to destroy the earthen lump with the root and not to deepen the plant.

If the room is hot, then it is necessary to spray the tree every day with water, the temperature of which is equal to room.

Young plants Feihoa should pinch. The tops of the shoots are pinned.

You also need to cut out weak shoots, as well as those that are superfluous and dried up the crown of the tree.

You should carefully ensure that pests do not appear on the plant (at home this occurs often). Most often these are worms and shields.

And yet, it happens that Feihoa gets sick. It is either gray rot, or spots appear on the leaves. Measures for treatment should be used the same as for other plants that usually grow in apartments.

As you guessed, Feihoa, a perennial plant, the first fruits appear only after four to five years and therefore, a lot of effort should be made to get a good crop.

If you still decide to put Feihoa in your apartment, then you should know the following.

Plants propagate with seeds, layouts and cuttings. Seeds should be sowed from January to March month. Sowing depth – from 0.3 to 0.5 centimeters. At an ambient temperature of 20-25 degrees heat, the first shoots will appear, after about half a month.

It should be recalled that it is a more difficult task to breed cuttings, since it requires special skills and knowledge.

To achieve abundant flowering from the plant, during a period of sexual age, it should be well fed. To do this, make a solution based on 10 liters of water: add 3 grams of potassium and ammonium sulfate and 5 grams of superphosphate chloride and 5 grams. Well -top dressing and potassium fertilizers.

It is recommended to carry out self -pollination.

In summer, the plant can be taken to the balcony or to the garden, it will only be good.