How to grow cyclamen from seeds

Growing cyclamen from seeds is a rather long and painstaking work, but what could be more pleasant than watching the result of their efforts when these bright and beautiful flowers bloom! Especially if you are fond of floriculture! In addition, cyclamenes grown from seeds are more adapted to the conditions of the house and more vitality.

You can buy cyclamen seeds at any flower store or you can get them independently after artificial pollination of the plant. You can purchase seeds much faster. In addition, you have the opportunity to choose unusual varieties of cyclamen, which are rarely found. But, unfortunately, purchased seeds have a very small germination, unlike those that were obtained as a result of artificial pollination.

If you want to get cyclamen seeds at home, you must choose the largest flower and carefully pollinate it.  To do this, you need to tap your fingers a little on the “leg” on which the flower is located. Thus, the pollinated flower will bloom much faster and after a couple of weeks the seeds in a small box will begin to ripen. January and February are suitable for this procedure.

Some believe that the germination of cyclamen seeds does not change throughout the year after their collection, and with prolonged storage of seeds, the germination decreases. And after a few years of their storage, they can be thrown away in general, since they are not suitable for sowing. Before sowing, the seeds must be soaked in potassium permanganate or epin for 12 hours. You also need not to be lazy and disinfect the soil in which you will germinate the seeds. The composition of such soil uses a mixture of sand and soil in equal relationships. For planting seeds, it is not very good if the soil is too sour, in this case you can add any deoxy, for example, dolomite flour to it.

In a pot or wooden box, place the soil and make several grooves in it, no more than one centimeter depth, and in each at a distance of 2 centimeters from each other gently lay out the prepared seeds. The soil must be pre -moistened and loosened so that the seeds can grow faster. Seeds also need to create conditions of coolness and darkness. If you do not have the opportunity to put pots with cyclamen seeds in a dark place, you can close them with thick paper, film, foil. Thanks to this, you can maintain humidity in the soil, and this is very important for seed germination. Make sure that the earth is constantly wet, in no case is not very overwhelmed.

The seeds of this indoor plant begin to germinate about 30 or 40 days after their planting. But sometimes it happens that the sprouts of the young plant appear on the surface of the Earth in a few weeks or completely, on the contrary, after 6 months. Their germination depends on the variety and the germination of seeds. After you see the first shoots, transfer all the containers with sprouted seeds to the dispersal light, but shade them from hot sunlight.

After the appearance of two leaves on the plant, they must be dive for about 4 centimeters from each other. When diving tubers, you need to completely instill in the ground. Then stimulate their growth by universal fertilizer.

After 6 months, cyclamenes can already be planted on separate pots with good drainage. Tubers need to be buried in the ground by only one third. Put pots with flowers in a bright place, and do not forget to spray it, water and fertilize it. Thus, continue to grow your pets for two months.  About a year after sowing seeds, you can finally enjoy the beauty of the first flowers.