How to grow viburnum and lead after it

It is not worth reminding that viburnum is very important, like a medicinal plant.

It grows everywhere and problems with its cultivation should not arise.

Propagate viburnum should be divided, cuttings, layering and seeds. The best way is to reproduce cuttings. Cut the stalk from the mother plant and immediately planted. As you know, the quality of the cuttings will be the highest.

You should know that viburnum does not like increased soil acidity. Those soils are suitable for her that are quite wet and well aerated.

Planting should be carried out either in the spring or autumn. If you plan to plant several plants, then place planting material at a distance of 1.2-1.5 meters from each other. In poor soils, it is allowed to plant and smaller gaps.

Before you start landing, the earth should be fertilized. The pit should have such a size that the roots of the seedling would be completely straightened. Further, care should be carried out the same as when courting shrub viburnum. The plant needs to loosen, wpride weeds, water and feed. Kalina needs more frequent watering than shrubs of currants or gooseberries.

Viburnum can be badly damaged by various beetles that eat plant leaves. The fight against them is carried out using pesticides. A solution of ash can also help, which should be spent on the viburnum bushes and branches. The solution should be prepared at the rate: for 10 liters of water – 3 kilograms of wood ash.

There is a more effective way to combat pests. In addition, and more environmentally friendly.

For this, in early spring, while naked bushes, it is necessary to cut the tops of the shoots in which there are masonry of eggs of bugs-pests, and immediately burn. Carefully and timely, the work done will give a positive effect this same summer. Listen beetles will disappear completely, or they will be much smaller. For complete and guaranteed getting rid of pests, such an operation with circumcision of shoots, it is recommended to carry out a contract for 2-3 years, while you cannot be late in time.

Kalina needs to be collected after frost. Such berries will no longer have such a strong bitterness. Cut the viburnum berries with brushes using a secateur and put in a basket. When laying a brush with berries do not compact.

The collected berries should be held for some time in a room that does not heat (for example, balcony, veranda, shed) and frostbite even more. Then they will become even tastier.