How to grow mushrooms in your garden

You can grow mushrooms in your garden, thereby providing yourself with real mushrooms and getting rid of the need to go to the forest.

This is possible if in your garden, there is enough space in the personal plot, and you can highlight it for growing mushrooms.

In order for real mushrooms to grow, it is necessary to create the necessary conditions for them. That is, you need to plant trees.

How to grow mushrooms in your garden

Which ones? And to make it beautiful and acceptable for mushrooms. For this, pine trees and Christmas trees are best suited. They will look very beautiful on your site, decorating it and creating comfort and comfort. So that they are not very high and do not turn into huge trees, the trees just need to cut off the tops once a year (in the spring), cutting the tops and extra new shoots. Then the trees will be low, and beautiful, and organically fit. A height of 2-3 meters will be enough. Here you need to hold them at this height.

But we are talking about mushrooms. After 2-3 years, the first mushrooms will have to appear. Oils will grow near the pines, and in the Christmas trees – redheads. These mushrooms are both tasty and the most unpretentious. They will best grow on your site. The main thing is that Christmas trees and pine trees be planted.

To accelerate the process, you will need to throw waste from cleaning the corresponding types of mushrooms under the trees. Or you can specifically pick up saucers and oil with roots, and then plant these roots in the ground under their trees.

In case of dry summer, their planting trees and roots from mushrooms must be watered, thereby helping the trees grow, and mycelium do not dry out and develop faster.

That’s basically it. The trees have taken root and grow well (you can feed them with manure), the mycelium of the red and the butter will also spread quickly around the trees.

You should only have patience and cherish your trees. And then they will delight you for many years with a rich crop of oil and saucers. Know only collect and eat on health.

How to grow mushrooms in your garden

Mushrooms will grow so, but with good care, watering, they will feel much more comfortable, and the crop will be much higher. You will already get cultivated (as it were) mushrooms. Such a peculiar plantation.

The first to always appear oils. They can be successfully frying, cook mushroom soup, pickled, boil and store in the freezer all year. They are no different in taste from simulators and boletus.

Redcles will appear later. Sometimes only in August. These mushrooms, in general, are considered royal, along with coarse.

Wish you success!