How to photograph birds

Filting birds is one of the exciting genres in photography, because here not only a hunt for beautiful shots, but also the observation of the life of these amazing creatures. Almost all birds are very careful, so the shooting itself is special, because you need to have tremendous patience and attentiveness to get your precious rare personnel.

How to photograph birds

If you prepare well, set up your equipment correctly and quickly, you will know some features of bird behavior, then you will certainly get the expected result.

Choose equipment

Approaching the issue of shooting such shy creatures as birds, you need to be quite demanding in the choice of equipment. If you are the owner of a mirror camera, then you need a long-focus lens with a focal length of 300-500 mm. Since the birds are always very careful, the telephoto lens will give you the opportunity to bring birds closer as close as possible to capture them in all its glory.

How to photograph birds

If you are the owner of a compact chamber, then your camera should have a multiplicity of a zoom of more than 15x. In this case, you can do the personnel after photography, that is, cut and increase your photo, without severe loss of quality.

We set up a camera for shooting birds

The most optimal mode of shooting of birds is priority of exposure. Because birds are almost always mobile, and we need to freeze them, that is, get a not -so -lubricated frame. For flying birds or mobile, shorter excerpts should be used, such as 1/1000. For birds of larger ones walking on the ground, an excerpt in the value of 1/125 will be sufficient. It all depends on the situation and dynamism. In this case, your main skill will be quick response and operational setting of the camera.

If you remove the birds in motion, then the best solution will be to use the tracking focus mode. If the bird is almost motionless, then the focus should be done according to its eyes to get the most sharp and clear picture. For this, it is recommended to use autofocus, preferably at the most central point.

How to photograph birds

Use serial shooting that is indispensable when photographing all moving objects. This will give you the opportunity to take several pictures of the same action and your chances of a successful photo will increase. The inclusion of the image stabilizer will not be superfluous, which will help get rid of unwanted and small lubricants on the frame.

Features of bird shooting

After you chose and learned how to configure your equipment, you need to pay attention to a number of features of the filming of birds that will help you in your hard work.

Train on birds that live nearby, for example, in your yard or square. You need to gain a little experience before going to real bird hunting to places more remote and wild.

Choose the places of the greatest clusters of birds, such as groves, gardens, ponds, rocks, where you will have some kind of guarantee that you came not in vain, and be sure to lead the birds. At the same time, it is better to visit such places in advance, watch and study a little habits of birds.

How to photograph birds

Choose a shooting place very carefully so as not to frighten the bird, but after occupying a position that is convenient for you, slow down and let the birds get a little time to get used to your presence. Often photographers use special places of shelter, which independently build from branches or camouflage tissue, which gives more chances not to frighten birds.

Despite the fact that when photographing birds, it is recommended to remain motionless and wait for the right moment, sometimes you need to act on the contrary and be active. You can, getting a little approaching food, than attract the attention of such, such as birds like swans, ducks, pigeons or sparrows.