How to walk with a dog?

The most beloved activity for the dog is a walk. Your favorites are vital for walking in the fresh air. They bring them a good mood, give them the need, support immunity and health at the right level. Small puppies to the street must be taken out only after vaccination. You need to skip them as often as possible. The correct walking is important for them.

If you have a small puppy, then you need to walk it every half an hour, after eating, and immediately after the puppy woke up. And if you noticed that he began to fuss and look for a “place”, then grab it and carry it out into the street. You need to walk in different directions. Do not always drive him to the same place. The puppy should know the world around him and thereby develop. You need to feed the dog balanced, but since the price is small for dry food for dogs, and take it more convenient for the road, you can do with dry food.

On your animal’s street in crowded places, put on a leash, because there are so many new sounds, noise, it can be afraid and run under the car, or just get lost. The teams will be less audible to him, and will be performed as well as more slowly. On the street, the dog becomes almost obedient.

Large adult dogs are recommended to walk up to 3 times a day. Some owners claim that there will be plenty of one walk per day with a dog. But this is not true at all. The dog needs constant movement, communication with peers in the fresh air. Walk in time should be approximately 20 minutes. In winter, you can walk from 10 to 20 minutes in frosts, the main thing is not to cross the pet.

It is forbidden to walk in the courtyards where children play, around schools and on their territory. Better to go to parks and squares. Dogs need long walks. In the summer you can take a pet to nature. They like to run under the sun and green grass.

The duration of the walk in winter depends, first of all, on the level of wool and undercoat in your dog, and on adaptability to weather conditions on the street. It is clear that short -haired dogs freeze on the street faster than dogs with a large, thick fur. In winter walks, the first thing you need to pay attention to the well -being of the dog, if it is after an illness, then it’s better for a long time in the cold. And also after vaccination. If your pet does not have long wool, then buy him a winter jumpsuit and warm boots designed specifically for dogs. As people, the cold wind is also not pleasant. The main thing is to try so that the dog in the cold is not in one place for a long time, since the paws of dogs are not protected, and the cold quickly penetrates the body. You can invite her to run with other dogs or leave her a stick, the faster the dog will run, the less likely it will freeze.