How to walk with a dog

Of course, everyone who wants to start a dog knows that it will need to walk it. And already in advance begin to think about who will do this. But for some reason, not everyone thinks about whether there are any recommendations that would help the owner make a dog walk as useful as possible. And they certainly exist. If you plan to get a puppy, or you already have a four -legged friend, then the following tips on how to walk with a dog will probably not be superfluous for you and your pet.

You should start walking the puppy when it turns a month and a half. Naturally, a good owner before walking should make sure that the dog is made all the necessary vaccinations. To begin with, the duration of walks with the dog should not exceed 10-15 minutes – at this time you should not fully walk the dog, how much to accustom it to regular walks in the fresh air. It is advisable to take out the puppy on the street as he woke up.

When the dog turns a year, it is already possible and should walk with him two to three times a day. But if you have the opportunity to walk the dog more often, then it will only benefit her. Cinemlers recommend walking with an adult dog before giving her food. On the Dog Street, you first need to give the opportunity to walk, and only then you can teach her teams. It is advisable to give the dog the maximum load when walking – it should run, jump, swim, if there is such an opportunity. This will positively affect not only her physical development, but also on the formation of her exterior.

Beginning dog owners are often interested in whether it is possible to take with them a suburban train, a campaign or to the dacha puppy? The answer is unequivocal – it is possible and even necessary. During such trips, the young dog develops the rules of conduct in the car, bus, train and other public places. After such trips, your puppy will no longer be afraid of the noise of a car or a crowded street. In addition, being in a village with a dog, you will have the opportunity to accustom it to communicate correctly with different pets – chickens, goats, sheep.

A walking puppy in a city park or a square, give her independence and do not pull her with permanent commands. Let the dog entertain itself. And for educational purposes you can sometimes “get lost” – for example, go behind a tree. Let the dog learn to follow the location of his beloved owner – this will only benefit her. Yes, and you too – very soon you will no longer need to closely monitor the movement of your pet – he will periodically remind you of yourself.

It is desirable that its owner always walks with the dog. But, if this is not possible, you can trust this responsible mission to your adult relatives. Dandemists do not recommend trusting a walk with a dog for children – in his “dog” hierarchy, your puppy’s child is at the lowest step, so his dog will not always be obeyed. In the future, she can begin to show her disobedience on walks with adults, which can lead to the fact that an uncontrolled pet will grow up. Especially often this behavior is found in male.

Walking puppy, you do not need to immediately rush to introduce him to other adult dogs. Among them there may be an aggressive animal that will attack the puppy, which, in turn, will lead to the psychological trauma of your dog.

Do not allow your pet to chase birds or butterflies, mice or cats. As soon as he gets into this, distract it or just pick up a leash.