How to quickly change your name in the UK: rules and features

The decision to change your name must be carefully considered and balanced. Previously, many were stopped by the fear of encountering paperwork, which inevitably entailed a change in personal data. But now a person dreaming of a different name is not stopped by bureaucratic obstacles. With Deed Polls, changing your name is very easy and quick. Change name by Deed Poll – what is it and what are the advantages of this service? Let’s try to figure it out.


Changing your name through Deed Poll has many advantages:

  1. First of all, it is worth noting such an important advantage as saving time. For the modern busy person, every minute counts. To change your name you don’t even have to go somewhere, meet someone, or fill out a bunch of papers. All you need to do is spend a few minutes filling out the application and then fill out the document sent by mail.
  2. Another very important advantage is the guarantee of complete confidentiality. The company guarantees that third parties will not be able to access the client’s personal data. For this, advanced encryption technologies are used. Information leakage is completely excluded. When changing your name, confidentiality is generally of utmost importance.
  3. The company provides a 100% service guarantee. This means that a client who contacts Deed Poll can be sure that the name change will be done quickly and safely, in compliance with all legal requirements.

Registration process

To change your name using Deed Poll, you should follow a very simple and understandable scheme:

  1. Submit your application online. To do this, you just need to fill out the form on the website.
  2. After receiving the Deed Poll document and information packet by mail, you should review all the information very carefully.
  3. Following the instructions sent, the client must sign the document and date it. It is important to do this in the presence of a witness.