Professional software protection against hacker attacks

Any software must be protected from attacks from hackers. The CQR company, which has proven itself to be the best, will help with this.Experts offer ddos simulation to test software performance and eliminate various risks. Professionals will identify all vulnerabilities and begin to eliminate them so that the system functions stably in a safe environment.

Features of performance testing and load testing

Through performance testing, you can understand whether a particular system is stable. Specialists will understand how the application reacts to those loads that come from outside and are quite high. Their intensity will vary in order to obtain maximum valuable information.

The user looks at the system structure through the eyes of hackers. With the help of specialists, he sees those places that are most vulnerable. Thanks to this, you can understand what you need to work on to avoid various problems.

When it comes to load testing, professionals evaluate the performance of a service or application under a specific load. The number of users is simulated, many transactions are created simultaneously. This is an opportunity to understand response time and throughput, as well as other information that relates to system performance.

Modeling DDOS attacks: why is the service important?

Once the above tests have been carried out, it is necessary to evaluate whether the system can withstand a DDOS attack. It is better to pre-order a pentest, and only after that deal with modeling issues.

The final report will contain information on how to resolve the issues. Professionals recommend integrating Anti-DDOS solutions that will prevent various risks and unpleasant moments. They will prevent attackers from gaining access to your personal information.

The CQR team selects the testing speed individually for each customer. The test fully meets the requirements for speeds reaching 1 gigabyte per second. Thanks to this, the data obtained will be as accurate as possible.

You can order the service right now by visiting the organization’s website. Fill out the proposed fields of the system so that qualified managers will contact you and answer all your questions!