The fence on the site what to prefer

Each winner of the land plot raises the question of which fence is best to use? A brief description will help to figure it out in this. The most common type of fence was and is a wooden fence. Its pluses is the low cost of the material. Simplication. The disadvantages include a relatively short service life and the need for constant care, which consists in frequent staining of the fence. Also, do not forget to conduct engineering and geological surveys on your site.

-A metal grid (rabits) is distinguished by a low cost . Compared to a wooden fence, a long service life. It also does not give a shading of the site. The main drawback of such a fence is that it does not hide the site from prying eyes.

-A brick fence is good for everyone, but its cost is quite high compared to other types of fence. And also he creates a great shading on the site.

-Currently, corrugated board is used for the manufacture of fences. He is probably the most democratic material for the fence. Its low cost and greater durability makes many give preference to him.

-You can also build a fence from concrete slabs. But here you can hardly do without the use of special equipment.