With your own hands

Foundation – this is where to start building a fence. In order for the fence from the corrugated board to withstand a strong wind, the support of the racks must be reliable. The design of such a foundation is simple. First you need to dig pits under the supporting pillars. Brick pillars will also need pits. Further, the pit should connect a shallow trench with a depth of about 40 centimeters. It is not necessary to dig deep.

In these trenches and pits, the reinforcement design is laid – frame. And if necessary, then metal pipes are also installed that will serve the pillars. Then you need to set the formwork as follows: it should rise above the ground by 20 centimeters. Then it is required to pour concrete. Now the most important thing. It is necessary to make sure that the pillars are in an even position. The appearance of the fence depends on this. You can’t call a curve fence beautiful.

The stage is next. With the help of a welding machine, from the corners of metal having a size of 10×10 millimeters, frames are collected, inside which corrugated board is attached. Therefore, before starting to build a fence, you need to make the necessary calculations. The manufactured frames should fit the distance between the pillars. It is of great importance.

In the manufacture of the frame, it is necessary to strictly withstand the diagonal. Also, stiffener’s laid ribs will not hurt. They will help to strengthen the structure from profiled sheets, making it strong. In addition, this will save you from a rattling sound, which is characteristic of designs from sheet material. The sheets of the corrugated board are attached to the frame using self -tapping screws and rivets. The distance between them should be approximately 20 centimeters.

Ready -made shields are fixed between the pillars. The welding machine will help in this. Assistants may not be useful in this. Using wooden rails with the same thickness, you need to put a gap between concrete and corrugated board. So that the shields are installed evenly, you will have to spend a little more time at this stage. You will need clamps to fix the shields to the pillars. This will free your hands from holding the shields and will allow you to calmly do welding.

If combined material is used in the construction of the fence, then the shields will be attached almost in the same way to concrete and brick pillars. In the latter case, pins are clogged at the end of the brick rack. First from above, the second from below and the third in the middle.

Having adopted the knowledge provided above, you can safely start building a fence from profiled sheets.