Using algae in cosmetology

The fact that seaweed have a beneficial effect on human skin has become known for a long time. This could not help but notice manufacturers of skin care products, who immediately began to produce a series of care products containing seaweed. And, indeed, the effect of such masks and creams cannot but admire – this is due to the rich composition of algae.

Using algae in cosmetology

According to scientists, algae in large quantities contain antioxidants, which, as you know, are responsible for the immunity of the skin and start the process of restoring it. In a sense, antioxidants can be called a source of youth of the skin, because they supply skin cells with nutrients and oxygen and maintain water-salt balance in it.

The microelements, sea minerals and vitamins, which are very rich in the skin, also have a beneficial effect on the skin.

What is important, in algae, according to scientists, the perfect balance of fats and proteins, which is very useful when leaving the skin. So, for example, the amino acids contained in algae feed and strengthen the skin, activate it and contribute to the synthesis of elastin and collagen that affect its youth.

The algae contains a large amount of alginic acids, which have a rare property that is very important for the condition of the skin – they bind and hold moisture in it.

Which of the fair sex did not hear about the excellent effect on the skin of hyaluronic acid? So, seaweed can be called a storehouse without exaggeration. For those who do not know, let’s explain – hyaluronic acid has a high moisturizing effect on the skin and supports it in tone and in an elastic state.

Using algae in cosmetology

In addition to all of the above, seaweed are also rich in folic acid, isoflavinodes and enzymes. These substances according to their effects on the skin of the face and body can be compared with the action of hormones of youth. Means, which include isoflavonoids, enzymes and folic acid have a refreshing effect on the skin, return the skin to elasticity, vigor and arouse its hidden potential.

Seaweed are also successfully used to combat extra pounds and cellulite. So, for example, it is recommended to carry out hot wraps with algae, and the most effective for such a procedure are considered wraps based on kelp, geledium and fukus. Their effectiveness is due to the fact that in the composition of the above algae there are calcium and iodine ions, which, in turn, launch the process of splitting fats and dissolve fat bonds. In addition, the biologically active substances that are contained in seaweed, improve the state of blood vessels and improve blood circulation in them. As a result of all these processes, the contours are modeling, smoothing the skin and, as a result, weight loss. Surprisingly, but even after one wrapping procedure based on algae, you can lose up to 500 grams of excess weight.

Other algae and, accordingly, wraps with them, can make female legs beautiful and healthy. Laminaria or fucus bubble is usually used to care. They strengthen the walls of the vessels in the legs, remove their swelling, normalize the outflow of lymph and are an excellent prevention of varicose veins.

If you have weak or dull hair prone to loss, then seaweed can also help you to solve this problem. Start using hair products based on seaweed – and after a few procedures your hair will become shiny, strong and healthy.

Using algae in cosmetology

Cosmetics for the face also enjoys well -deserved popularity among the fair sex, especially among mature women. And this is not surprising – the anti -aging properties of such cosmetics literally work miracles. After the course use of cosmetics for the face based on seaweed, the skin is saturated with moisture, its color becomes healthy, small wrinkles disappear, and deep ones are smoothed out.