Using an intermediate amplifier – excavator

Using an intermediate amplifier

The disadvantage of the above schemes with antiiometric cut on the current is the power of potentiometers of cutting off different drives from one power source – network 110 e. With such nutrition, the power chains of all three drives are electrically connected through the generator of their own needs and possible during operation of the ground under adverse conditions can violate the operation of current -border nodes, causing heavy accidents. In the scheme under consideration, this disadvantage is eliminated by powering the potentiometer of comparison of 1 SUP (1SUT and 1C U B) from an individual power source – the rectifier of the VSP (VSV) and the transformer TOP (that and the TOV).

To reduce pulsations of the cutting voltage to the output of each rectifier, an inductive-memorial filter is included. The use of an intermediate amplifier operating at an increased frequency and the power mu in return EMU made it possible to reduce the number of stabilizing and corrective elements of the scheme.

Here, flexible negative feedback on the anchor current (the PMUP-6 winding), the smoothing filter at the input of the PMUP-4 winding and the 2KSP capacitor in the tough negative communication unit, provides a flexible negative connection for the voltage of the generator. An additional stabilizing agent is the contour formed by the control of the power amplifier of the UMPP-3, the resistance of the SDP1 and the control winding of the intermediate amplifier PMUP-1.

With changes in p. With. control of the power amplifier in its winding UMPP-3 is blocked by e. D. With. mutual induction and the current flows in the circuit. In this case, the signal acting on the winding of the PMUP-1 is a flexible feedback signal by a constant component of the magnetic flux, with which changes in the output voltage of the power amplifier are associated. This connection, with the proper choice of its sign, increases the stability of the cascading control scheme.



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