We use a cork and stainless metal.

Until now, we could not imagine that the cork can be used for flooring. This word was rather associated with drinks, and not with the interior.

Raw materials that are used for a cork floor, gives a cork oak. It grows in Portugal, Spain. This unique tree should grow for thirty years to become biologically mature. Bark is removed from it, and it is used for cork coatings. Cora will be updated for nine years. The material has a cellular structure in which there is a huge number of air bubbles. They are well compressed and saturated with a cork natural component of Suberin. This is a unique natural material for production and operation.

What properties does the structure have from the cork?

The structure of the cork coating is such that each the smallest element acts as a miniature thermal insulator and a spring that is perfectly compressed, which creates an orthopedic effect to a person.

The home may need the most different, including metal materials. Metal distribution plays a significant role at the moment, a huge number of companies are trying to make black and non -ferrous metal, you can find all the information on the metallurgical portal. The main thing is that metal rolling from the manufacturer can be easily ordered on the website of 1metal.

The buyer can choose from the proposed variety of shades, colors, and textures you like cork flooring. Usually they are sold in the form of tiles of different thicknesses, plates, and like floating floors (special plates that are collected as a “groove-gross”). Many offers of coatings from traffic jams. They are mainly offered in rolls or plates. They are produced from an agglomerate – cork crumbs, on which color intersperses are then applied or simply create a diverse texture of the picture. They even produce wallpaper in rolls, the upper coating is a very thin cork veneer, which is applied to a paper base.

What is a cork?

Camping coating is an excellent finishing material that hides small irregularities and cracks on the walls. It can be placed on a metal, wooden or concrete surface. Then the applied cork coating is covered with special varnish. Observing the correct styling technology, the cork coating will last you for more than 20 years.

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