What aliens look like

Many, including people of creative professions, tried to answer the interesting question. What came out of this? If you believe American filmmakers, then these are monsters that it is better not to cross on one track. An ordinary layman is used to thinking that these are small, green creatures with antennas. And if you swing to our classics? You can see an alien veiled in a person. Who to believe? Since the Universe has such enormous dimensions, nevertheless, the Greater College of Scientists is inclined to believe that we are not at all alone on this planet Earth. And what do those who live on those distant planets look like? What they have with the “brain apparatus”?

What aliens look like

How often did all the people think about the moment when they talked about one or a completely different person that he was not from this world, “white crow”, “fell from the moon”. What are these people? Not just like everyone else, with an exacerbated sense of justice, outstanding. Of course, “we are all direct planets that go in their individual orbit, alone, unlike the rest, paths”, but where do rebels or geniuses come from? Each person is constantly not necessary to make mistakes, but also deviate from generally accepted models of existence or development. Such a turn in behavior, in our society, is called deviant. So, maybe here and “look for a dog”, t.e. aliens. They are not like us. In our human society, a creature from another planet has some kind of ongoing features. But what about the appearance?

What aliens look like

One smart person-a theoretical physicist-suggests that the main tools are always at hand, in order to be sufficiently developed civilization.

Have the eyes of a hunter, in other words, stereo eyes

Hands or something like that. Since it is necessary to create, build and control spacecraft not only by the power of thought. We are not talking about sorcerers and wizards from fairy tales!

And one more important attribute. In colloquial, it is called the language. Knowledge accumulated by more than one generation should be passed on. This is the basis of the “life” of civilizations.

It turns out that the limbs and optical devices are the general that may unite a person and an alien. Another question arises: to agree with them about peaceful coexistence, it is possible? Or “who comes to us with a sword …” Yes, and in the light of the final events, you can directly doubt the humanity of some that inhabit the planet Earth. One thing-for sure: there is a mind in the universe (according to the assurances of the same theoretical physicist).