What are we paying for real estate?

The habit of counting other people’s money is a bad habit. But without calculating funds, you simply can not do, especially if it comes to the issue of acquiring a property of real estate. For example, consider an indicator of the cost of square meters in the territory of Dnepropetrovsk – the average cost of one square meter in the primary market is about 1.2 thousand dollars per square meter, while on the secondary the prices are about 1 at all.5 thousand per square. It is noteworthy that this is not a stable value of value, prices are gradually rising, regardless of what design of the apartment.

According to preliminary estimates of real estate market analysts, the average increase in the cost of square meters during 2013 can be about 7 percent – these are not features of the country’s domestic real estate market, but a certain reaction of changing the global situation of the cost of building materials, as well as metal products. A logical question certainly arises, and for what we actually pay by purchasing an apartment or other real estate?

Investing in real estate

The easiest and most profitable option is that you provide your own money directly to the company to the developer, before the actual construction of the house. If you invest funds in this way, then you can save on buying an apartment about 30 percent of its market value. As practice shows, most developers do not have their own funds to start construction, and therefore they take the appropriate funds from either the crediting banks or from investors, which you are essentially and will be. Naturally, it is more preferable to take funds from a potential buyer who will not rush to build as a banking structure as much.