Why build a house from expanded clay concrete blocks

There are a huge number of materials for the construction of houses. They differ in price, their characteristics, conditions of use, etc.D. But how to choose the right material for the construction of the walls?Beneficial from all sides is the choice in favor of blocks of expanded clay concrete concrete. Products are partially made from expanded clay, which has established itself as a “warm” material. During the construction of the house, powder painting is necessarily used, it is not very expensive.

Accordingly, the whole house will turn out warm. Expanded clay – ecological product. In its production, synthetic and any chemicals are not used. Explositis is fastened in blocks using a concrete solution of cement and sand, sometimes also gypsum or lime is added.

A house built of such blocks is much lighter than a traditional brick house. Therefore, you can save on filling the foundation – it does not have to be super -powerful. The laying of expanded clay concrete blocks is carried out three times faster than brick. The solution of the solution is also much less.

Walls laid out from clay -concrete blocks do not need additional decoration (but any). It is important to remember that this type of blocks for laying the foundation is not suitable.