Advantages and disadvantages of the insulated floor

If you have encountered at least a little topic about warm floors, then, for sure, you know that the floors can be heated in two ways: with the help of a system of pipes, inside which hot water is circulated, called metapopol, or electric cables. The main advantage of the first system can be called low cost, since the work is to weld certain pipes to the central heating system, from which hot water is supplied. The second plus is the compatibility of this system with absolutely any type of coating. The main disadvantage is that none of the tenants is able to adjust the heating temperature. Another drawback is dependence on external sources. By the way, the Inbud website is now popular.Kiev, many there read useful information. 

But the electric heating system can be located in absolutely any room, and you can always use it, with the slightest desire that arose, regardless of whether hot water enters the apartment or not. In addition, a thermostat is attached to the system, which can be used, as you like, in order to increase or lower the temperature in the room. But the minus exists here quite significant: such a system can well spoil your floor covering due to the ability of the system to very quickly heat the floor.