Advantages of inverter generators of Sadko

The inverter generator of the Sadko brand is a specialized household appliance, which is designed specifically for electrical energy directly on the personal plot. This device is especially useful where there is a need to supply electric energy to devices that have high sensitivity to the quality of this energy. After all, if you submit electricity to such devices for the help of an ordinary generator that does not have intermediate rectifiers, then there is a high probability that these devices will be damaged.

For many years, Sadko has been specializing in the production of garden equipment and tools, releasing newer and advanced devices, including inverter generators. Since this area for the company is a priority, it does not spend strength on other areas, but only on improving its products. As a result, buyers rejoice in the acquisition of truly high -quality Genu generators, which fully meet all the necessary requirements.

Sadko generator, in addition, have a number of other advantages:

– the presence of a powerful four-stroke power unit, which works on gasoline of the AI-92 brand;

– to come out of the power has a force from two to 2.5 kilowatts;

– Almost all models of inverter generators of the sadco are equipped with a multimedia screen, where important indicators of the device are displayed;

– high quality of the resulting current;

– a built -in air cooling system that protects the device from overheating;

– On the screen displays an oil level sensor;

– The isolated case makes the work of the generator quiet;

– Built -in protection system from possible overvoltage.