Fences and fences

The fence that protects the personal territory should be beautiful, practical, and most importantly – reliable. As an element of decor, the fence is also important, because this is an integral part, complementing and completing the general style of the site. The fence is made from different materials.

The cheapest material is wood. Fences for giving are most often built from it. The tree is short -lived, but it looks comfortable. The tree will remarkably complement the fence made of stone and brick. This will avoid the illusion of a gloomy monolith and will be cheaper than the implementation of the entire stone fence, and such a fence will last longer than 15 years. The wooden fence is presented here.

The most economical and simple fence among the fences is a fence from a rabitsa net. Its installation is performed quickly, without much effort. There are many types of rabits, but it is better to purchase a grid that has a galvanic zinc coating. She is the most durable, does not need annual painting.

Reliable and concrete fence. It is both cheaper and more practical than brick, it is more difficult to destroy it, it is less succumbing to natural corrosion.

Today, the most common fence is considered to be a fence from corrugated board – a great combination of quality and price. Its low weight makes it possible to build it with your own hands. It is functional and durable. The price is the same as that of wood fences, and the quality is much higher.