Legal services of a legal association anthill

In Dnepropetrovsk, we are engaged in a number of services that are necessary for representatives of small and medium -sized businesses of the city. In the section Legal services of our site you can familiarize yourself with the list of services that we offer to our customers. Among the services of accounting outsourcing and the manufacture of seals and stamps, on our website you can find proposals for protecting the interests of firms and entrepreneurs in the courts of all instances and all specializations. Our association does not allow itself to attract unprofessional, inexperienced or illiterate specialists to the process of protecting the interests of our customers. We are not saving the money of our customers on the result, for which they actually pay. Legal services of our organization are provided only by experienced lawyers. These lawyers always work in close contact with client representatives who own information about the circumstances of the dispute. By providing legal services, we will not go to violations of the procedure for discharge of a particular document, its name or other procedural violations. Of course, we do not ignore such violations. Of course, their significance for the trial is great, however, in all cases of judicial disputes, procedural violations are not considered by the court as sufficient in order to violate the principle of justice. Providing legal services, we always find out how much our client is right from a legal point of view. Thus, we always have and use the opportunity to warn our client about the most likely court decision in a particular dispute. In turn, the client gets the opportunity to evaluate not only his chances of achieving success in a specific task, but to make a more balanced decision on whether he should start a judicial dispute at all or spend his money on protesting the legitimate requirements of his opponent.

Protecting the interests of our customers, we pursue their interests in court. We do not try to tighten the matter out of the considerations of an increase in our fee in this case, we are not trying to draw our client into an obviously lost business without his knowledge and we never refuse our own decision from the settlement agreements proposed by opponents based on the fact that if they achieve them There will be no next instance, as our fee for its holding. Moreover, about twenty percent of the cases that were in the production of our company in the last year were closed due to the achievement of world agreements at the stage of claim work or in court.