How hair color affects the character “

No matter how strange it sounds, the hair is able to tell a lot about the character of a person. And first of all, it concerns the color. The share of the joke is present in the phrase “Gentlemen admire the blondes, sleep with redheads, but they get married accordingly on brunettes”. This is due to the fact that the hormonal sphere of a woman has a direct effect on hair coloring.

The content of the male hormone – testosterone determines the amount of dark pigment. At its high level, hair gains a dark shade. Blonde’s blood is filled with estrogen – female hormone. Therefore, nature endowed brunettes with more courageous character traits – stubbornness, great zeal, preference for independence. Blondes on the contrary, differ in softness, passivity and femininity. At the subconscious level, a man perfectly captures a large number of estrogen, and therefore, on their part, attraction to fair -haired persons is manifested.

If you plunge into history, you can notice the fact that Aphrodite is the goddess of love, it had blond hair, Artemis – the hunter was the owner of the dark. Dear Sunny Apollo enters a deadly battle with black -haired bacch. It’s no secret that the brunette can be flexible and tender, and the blonde of a real bitch. Nevertheless, at first glance at the girl, depending on the color of her hair, stereotypes of perception are triggered in the subconscious.

Fashion for blondes always took place, even during antiquity. As soon as the Romans and Hellenics were not managed to transform the appearance to become blonde beauties. They soaked their hair in donkey urine, wiped out a natural color, burned hair under the sultry sun for hours. There is an opinion that blondes are peaceful, feminine and friendly creatures. They are perfectly adapted to the dreams of a potential partner, are not at all demanding in bed and therefore do not scare away men. Psychologists argue that the popularity of goldsmiths is associated with porcelain skin, elegant facial features and with wide open eyes, which is characteristic of the child.

Even fabulous heroes in the person of Gerda and Cinderella were blondes. Therefore, feelings of tenderness and heat are automatically projected on fair -haired women.

When we hear the “brunette” unconsciously arises a portrait of a fatal woman – Carmen endowed with passion. Ancient Greek men believed in the existence of black -haired nymphs that lived in the forest that arranged ambushes and attacked young guys. They sought frenzy through sophisticated caresses and kisses. Modern brunettes prudent and passionate owners of powerful energy.

Men believe that the dark -haired persons have an extraordinary mind, that they manage to create a good career, and they are seriously engaged in work. In addition, men see their beautiful mothers and wonderful wives in them.

Red -haired women have always been unique. They were burned on fire and at the same time idolized. Even today they are able to agitize the imagination – gold, fiery, bright … red. Scientists worked for a long time, trying to understand the cause of the gene that is responsible for the red hair of the hair. It turned out that Neanderthals wore golden hair and were carriers of this gene.  Zlatovlaski stubborn, impatient, uncompromising girls, at the same time optimists in life.

Frantic temperament allows you to achieve considerable heights in the career, but they are interfered with a craving for dubious experiments and unjustified risk. Owners of fiery hair have a vulnerable side – high sensitivity to pain. There is an opinion that the family is not the main thing for them in life. Only a man who will not frighten her superiority can truly captivate her.

Unfortunately, fair -haired people on earth are getting less and less. As the World Health Organization said, the last blonde may be born in 2202. Despite the love of men for blonde beauties, they are marrying all exactly for the most part on brown -haired or brunettes. Only 1-2%remain on the planet, and most live in Ireland and Scotland. In the near future, it will not be easy to see red -haired beast.

Salvation is all kinds of dyes, thanks to which you can change the appearance without problems.

However, having changed the color, the woman also changes her character. So before taking a fatal step, think about whether it is worth it?!