How the color of the aura affects the character of a person

Aura surrounds any person. It has different colors and different shapes. Until recently, she was only interested in people engaged in esotericism, but recently in scientific circles they became interested as a field surrounding us, affects the character, behavior, health or emotional state. Particular interest in psychologists working with color and engage in color therapy or the development of creativity cause particular interest.

Aura is a field painted in a certain color. There are devices with which it can be photographed, there is a way to calculate the color with the help of numbers, this is done by people engaged in numerology. They are able to determine by the date of birth what color is a person aura.

How the color of the aura affects the character of a person

To date, we can say with full confidence that the color of the aura affects the character of a person, as well as the genus of his activity, emotionality and sensitivity.

People who are actively engaged in business, have their own business, successful and rich, have red aura. Their character is quite tough, they are completely responsible for their lives, they have a lot of energy and charisma.

For people with an orange color, a characteristic feature is emotionality. These are creative people who love to travel. Most devotes themselves to drawing, they are good at everything related to advertising, tourism, and sports. They are very contacts, creative, love companies and an active lifestyle.

The yellow color of the aura is close to orange, but people with this color are softer in character, love to play intellectual games, prefer more calm entertainment than people with an orange aura, but, just as they can successfully engage in creativity.

Most of those who are a teacher or master have a green aura color. In itself, this color harmonizes both personality and space, and this is important for those who teach and teach.

The dark green or deep emerald color of the field corresponds to people who are interested in material benefits, they know how to see values, work with papers, and are very structured by life.

How the color of the aura affects the character of a person

Raised, friendly, loyal people have a blue aura color. These are such intellectuals that are not capable of sharp actions and words, soft, sensitive, moderately emotional. They are peacekeepers, they manage to try on even the worst enemies.

Dark blue, rich color corresponds to artistic, loving natures. These people are very sensual, they can be excellent actors, poets, musicians. They have well -developed intuition and sensitivity.

The purple aura corresponds to people who like to theorize. Any actions are quite difficult for them, but they are indispensable in planning. Have a fairly bright charisma, love to be in the spotlight.

Pale pink or lavender color belongs to people with a mystical view of the world. They prefer solitude. Are very vulnerable, so they have few friends, and sometimes not at all. Many writers have a pinkish aura color, they easily describe what they see in their fantasies and they manage to take possession of the listener’s attention.

The most mystical color is white. You can rarely meet people who have a white aura. They are like messengers from other civilizations, “not from this world”, so they say about them. But at the same time, these people have great power and can lead the masses.

How the color of the aura affects the character of a person

In addition to the color, it is important to know how big the aura. The width of the field affects the manifestation of strength, internal resources. If the aura is distorted, then perhaps a person is seriously ill and he needs medical care.

The field can change under the influence of external factors, such as stress or vice versa, a huge number of positive emotions. Music also affects the aura. Certain sounds harmonizing space put in order a person’s field, and sometimes they can even heal from diseases.