How to compliment men

Compliments said from the heart – a real gift not only for female, but also for men, because they rarely receive true compliments. But men very subtly feel insincerity and flattery, and not every compliment perceives positively, so men need compliments, but they should do them, adhering to several unspoken rules.

How to compliment men

So, the main tips for girls how to make a truly pleasant compliment to a beloved man:

Praise, but do not flatter: the true compliment, the purpose of which is the praise of the man should be true, for men praise coming from the heart – a real reward that can encourage them to further action, so wanting to make his husband an assistant in business matters, do not be afraid of time From time to time to note his successes and merits with compliments.

The topic of compliments is also not unimportant, if girls are pleased with praise of their appearance, then men are unlikely to bring great joy to men, so before telling what beautiful eyes or hairstyle he has, it is better to note such qualities as masculinity, strength, reliability , professionalism, mind, skill.

Since the creatures are more specific, compliments should also be made specific, avoiding ornate phrases. The intonation in which your praise will be said is also important – do not use the tone in which you speak with your child, Susykanka is not the way, better say pleasant words in private, in a tone with notes of intima, looking into your eyes – such words will surely fall into the soul.

How to compliment men

Creativity – then without which you cannot approach compliments to a man, do not use beaten phrases, do not copy other people’s words, your hero will appreciate the words regarding only his personality, a certain deed or character trait. Do not forget to turn by name by name, or use the gentle nickname adopted among you.

Time and place are also important factors, for example, taking into account the mood of a man, a simple compliment can be perceived as support, because it often needs your approval, and the fact that you previously noticed all its successes and achievements will turn out to be reliable psychological in difficult times using, and such a compliment will be perceived by your man with great gratitude. In another situation, the untimely compliment can be perceived as sarcasm, so before noting something, try to analyze the situation.

And finally, compliments should not become familiar words for a man, it is important to show a sense of proportion, it is difficult to praise, but it is possible, so make compliments less often, but each time you say them with all your heart, it is then your praise will be especially valuable.