How to do ice massage

The fact that ice can be used as an anesthetic and decongestant agent is probably known to everyone. After all, the first thing that is usually applied to the place of bruises is ice. But, in addition, ice can also use as a cosmetic product – it slows down the process of skin aging, helps to improve blood circulation, accelerates the metabolism in skin cells and helps to remove toxins from it. In addition, ice massage is successfully used in the fight against cellulite, because cellulite is often caused by a violation of blood circulation in the skin cells.

How to do ice massage

But before talking about how to do massage with ice, it should be said that this procedure has some contraindications. So, for example, it should not be done if you suffer from cold intolerance, violations of blood pressure or Reino disease. In addition, ice massage should not often do people with dry skin – otherwise your skin will begin to peel off. And, in general, women with chronic diseases are still better to consult with their doctor before starting the cryomassage procedure.

Ice for the massage procedure can be made from ordinary boiled or mineral water. Naturally, water from a tap tap is not suitable for this – it is unlikely to bring your skin benefit. In order for the effectiveness of such a procedure to be higher, it is recommended to make ice not from water, but from decoctions of fruits or herbs – their choice depends on the type of your skin and your personal preferences. Let’s look at a few simple recipes for making ice for massage.

To prepare herbal ice, you can take any of the medicinal herbs – chamomile, nettles, linden, St. John’s wort, sage, chamomile, mint or green tea. Pour 2 tablespoons of grass with 1 glass of boiling water and let it brew for 40-50 minutes. Then let the broth cool, strain it, pour it into molds and freeze.

How to do ice massage

At home, you can prepare ice not only from medicinal plants, but also from various fruits. For example, for these purposes you can take strawberries, strawberries, peaches, currants, apricots, watermelon or grapes. Consider the process of making cosmetic ice, for example, from strawberries. To do this, you will need to knead clean strawberries in a mortar or pass them through a meat grinder, then a few drops of olive oil should be added to the resulting gruel, lay the mixture on molds and freeze. As you can see, there is nothing complicated in this.

Many cosmetologists recommend using citrus fruits to be used for the preparation of ice, for example, it can be one orange and one lemon. Squeeze the juice from them, dilute it with boiled water, observing the proportion of 1: 2, pour it into ice molds and freeze. Citrus ice is ready.

For facial skin care, you can also cook aromatic ice, which will include essential oil. It is not difficult to cook such ice – drip 5 drops of geranium essential oil, rosemary or bergamot into mineral water, mix, pour into ice molds and freeze.

To conduct a session of anti -cellulite massage, ice from citrus fruits or ice made from mineral water is more suitable for you. To make it more convenient for you to do massage, wrap part of the ice – where you will hold it with your hand, cloth or napkin. Massage the problem areas of the body with zigzag and circular movements, pressing a little on the skin and paying special attention to the area of ​​the waist, hips and abdomen.  It is recommended to start anti -cellulite body massage from the legs, and it is advisable to end with forearms and the upper back.

How to do ice massage

Facial massage is done with ice a little differently than anti -cellulite body massage – during facial massage it is necessary to move only along the massage lines, without very pressing on the skin. After the massage session, the skin of the face must be blotted with a napkin or a soft towel and apply a cream suitable for your skin type.

Do not forget that the skin of the face and body must be taken not only from the outside, but also from the inside. Therefore, drink more fluids, lead a healthy lifestyle, eat correctly, get enough sleep and avoid stress – and then your face and body skin will look healthy and beautiful at any age.