How to cure a heel spur yourself

The spur is understood to mean the growth of the bone on the heel towards the fingers. Scientific name – Plantary fascia. Spur, usually has a small size. But when moving, it can cause a person severe pain. This is due to the fact that osteophyte under the weight of the body enters the tissue where there are many nerve endings.

Sometimes pain can only be due to the occurrence of inflammation, and not due to growths of bone tissue. This disease can be cured by folk remedies with a good result. But first it is advisable to determine for yourself what effect a certain tool can have. This will help choose the right treatment method.

How to cure a heel spur yourself

Tinctures and decoctions of beneficial plants can be consumed inward or as rubbing and compresses locally. But there is one main condition in herbal medicine: you need to accept funds with long courses.

Tincture treatment

For the treatment of heel spurs, many herbs are offered in folk medicine. But herbal medicines are inclined, first of all, to lilacs. The dried shrub flowers are poured with vodka (1:10) and ten days should stand in the dark. You need to take a teaspoon during the day three times. The period of consumption is to the complete disappearance of pain.

How to cure a heel spur yourself

Square saber’s saber. This is a very severe analgesic, which also relieves inflammation and removes salts from damaged areas of bone.

This tool can be purchased at the pharmacy. The tincture is concentrated, so you need to breed it in water, drink before meals in 30 minutes. The course of treatment is a month. In the early days there may be an exacerbation of the disease, pain will increase. But doctors consider this the norm.

Rubbing and compresses

In the treatment of heel spurs, traditional medicine takes a large place to the means of local use. Compresses are characterized by a complex action: resorption of the growth and getting rid of pain. There are several effective ways:

Salt, honey and iodine take in equal quantities, mix and rub into the painful area of ​​the heel within a month

Lubricate the heel with a thin layer of honey and close with two tobacco sheets, bandage and go to bed. After five such sessions, the problem should leave you

Grate a slightly unpeeled black radish. Better to take a small grater. Apply the mass to the spur at night, and wash it off well in the morning. Such compresses require at least five

Scald a sheet of cabbage or burdock, crush. Add two tablespoons of honey and a spoon of dining room vinegar. Take the tablespoons. The mixture is also applied to the heel at night. After several attachments, relief will come

Mechanical methods of crushing spurs

You can get rid of the bone growth in mild mechanical methods and biochemical: biochemical:

Pour a little round peas into the toe and wear it until the growth disappears

Pour a raw egg with a table vinegar entirely. When the shell becomes soft, it is removed, and mix it with the inside of the egg with the same vinegar with the addition of a spoon (dining room) of vegetable oil. Then carefully soak the soft tissue and attach to the inflamed place. Close further with a film and warm scarf. Spur will resolve very quickly.

Treatment with warm baths

Heating the affected heel is considered a very useful method. The vessels expand, blood circulation increases under the influence of heat. Muscle cramps are removed, pain passes. You can choose any of the options:

The bath is paraffin. Melt paraffin in a water bath. It is sold at the pharmacy. Put the fabric in the basin, pour molten paraffin on it. It must be covered, then putting a sore leg on top. Keep the leg for 20 minutes.

Bath with bile. Squeezing the leg in hot water, attach a fabric impregnated with medical bile to the heel. Continue sessions for two weeks.

Steam the leg in slightly salted water for 20 minutes. Then wipe the leg dry and apply a layer of toothpaste. It takes at least 10 days to treat spurs in this way.

Fifth spur – a very unpleasant disease. And to believe that it is not worth curing it only by folk methods, especially with a long -term problem.

How to cure a heel spur yourself

An individual selection of the method of treatment is required here, its regular and long -term implementation. Therefore, let the doctor make a diagnosis.