How to cure depression “

If you feel that there is no mood at all, you don’t want to do anything, and stupid thoughts climb into my head, perhaps you have become a hostage of depression. Especially if this condition has not passed for several days, and there are no special reasons for yourself – no. Depression can come to you imperceptibly and ruin your life. Eternal fatigue, irritation and apathy can make the complete opposite out of a cheerful person in a short period of time. But what are the causes of depression?

Nowadays, depression has become considered a disease. And most people have been ill with her who are in severe form, and who in the light. Some have depression every year, while others do not know what it is. Through the intense rhythm of life, chronic fatigue, conflicts in a person may have a depressive state. Experiencing the first signs of this emotional violation, you should start the fight against it. If the condition is neglected, then you should contact a specialist. After all, treatment usually lasts quite a long time.

If you decide to deal with this problem yourself, then you should know that the main factor in the emergence of such a state is a sedentary lifestyle. Therefore, the first point for getting rid of depression is to create an active lifestyle. Movement is the main key to getting rid of depression. Sign up for fitness, aerobics or shaping. Visit the gym. Arrange for yourself in the fresh air. Do not use the elevator – go up the stairs. Do not spend your free time at home at the TV, go for a walk to the park with children or with a dog. Regular muscle load relieves nervous tension and contributes to a good mood, and fresh air and new impressions will help get rid of bad thoughts.

The second point in the treatment of depression is communication. Meet your friends, communicate with friends on the phone. Tell me what you have in your soul, ask for advice. If you have no one to talk to – sign up for the courses, there you can find like -minded people.

Third point – laughter. You noticed that smiling people rarely get sick, and they do not have sharp mood swings? But what about the well -known fact that laughter prolongs life? See humorous programs, listen to jokes and laugh more. Depression does not like funny people.

Fourth point – rest. During depression, people often feel fatigue, so you should secure a good rest at least twice a week. But do not lock yourself at home on watching TV on your weekend, better go to nature. In order for the body to recover, you need to sleep at least nine hours a day. Take care of a comfortable bed and a good atmosphere. Improte the room, close the curtains if the lanterns on the street are beaten out the window. Take a hot bath if you can’t fall asleep. Do not overeat at night, you can drink a glass of warm milk with honey. It will act as sleeping pills.

Fifth point- light and color therapy. As you know, color affects the mood. Some colors can drive in longing, others act excitingly. Make your living room in warm colors. Let red, orange and yellow colors have red, orange and yellow. They will cheer up. Lack of sunlight in winter can cause a depressive state. Make sure that the rooms are brightly lit.

Sixth point – self -care. Pay attention to your appearance: go to the beauty salon, go shopping, sign up for swimming. Change your style: update the wardrobe, change your hairstyle and depression as your hand removes. In a depressive state, people do not follow their nutrition. Exclude harmful products. Use fresh vegetables and fruits daily, drink freshly squeezed juices. Eat bananas and chocolate. These products contain endorphins – “hormones of happiness”. They improve the mood and fight depression.

In order for depression to prevent again, try to avoid stress, negative thoughts and conflict situations. Also, alcohol and drugs should not be consumed so as not to worsen your condition.