How to cure tunnel sparks syndrome

Long work at a computer can cause pain in hands, in particular, this applies to the brush of the right hand. A similar phenomenon has the name of a tunnel syndrome, which is differently called as a carpal channel syndrome. This disease has acquired the status of a professional disease of computer scientists.

The wrist is a relatively small joint surrounded by ligaments uniting the bones of the wrist among themselves, tendons that connect the fingers of the hands with the muscles of the forearm, as well as many delicate tissues. Overstrain of these tendons form pain in the wrist, as a result of which tunnel syndrome occurs.

Causes of tunnel syndrome

The cause of pain in the upper limb is a pinching of the nerve, which takes place in the carpal channel. Pinching occurs due to the edema of the nerve itself or with the swelling of the tendons located in the immediate vicinity of it. These phenomena appear with a constant static load on the same muscles caused by a large number of monotonous movements, for example, when a person works with a computer mouse, on the keyboard or at an uncomfortable position of the hands, which contributes to the constant stress of the wrist.

Symptoms of tunnel syndrome

A person suffering from tunnel syndrome appears to be discomfort in the wrist and constant pain occurs. In the area of ​​the palms, numbness and weakening of the hands may be observed. It is worth noting that the pain arises in a number of other cases – with the hernia of the intervertebral discs and osteochondrosis.

Diagnosis of tunnel syndrome

As a rule, a neurologist can make a diagnosis during visual examination. Electromyography is widely used as instrumental methods, thanks to which the degree of damage to the muscles of the forearm is established.

Treatment of tunnel syndrome

With severe inflammation, acute pain and sufficiently severe course of the carpal channel syndrome, drug treatment is prescribed, which includes vasoactive drugs – nicotinic acid, trerent, improving blood circulation – ibuprofen, and corticosteroids, which in the form of injections are introduced into the wrist area.

Such drugs include dexamethasone, prednisone and other. In addition to drug treatment, the regime of proper nutrition and vitamin therapy are prescribed, providing the patient with the supply of all vital biologically active substances, trace elements and vitamins. Observing all the doctor’s instructions, recovery is accelerated, and the recovery and rehabilitation period is significantly reduced. In case of inefficiency of drug therapy, surgical treatment is prescribed – an endoscopic or open method.

Prevention of tunnel syndrome

To prevent this unpleasant disease, some rules should be observed when working on a computer:

When working on the keyboard, it is advisable to adhere to the bend of the hand in the elbow joint at right angles.

When working with the mouse, the hand and elbow should be on the table, if possible away from the edge, the brush of a straight line.

When choosing a computer chair, focus on the presence of comfortable armrests.

A special support for the wrist will not be superfluous – silicone pads, mouse mat and the like.

With a long stay near the monitor, try to take short breaks and perform a set of exercises aimed at relaxing your wrists. Such exercises include the rotation of the fists around the axis of its, holding the fingers, the shake of the hands. This complex helps to improve blood circulation in the muscles of the wrist, contributing to their relaxation and stretching. As a prevention of tunnel syndrome, yoga exercises have proven themselves well.