How to decorate shorts

Shorts are probably available in the wardrobe of every modern girl and woman. After all, such a subject of women’s clothing as shorts is simply indispensable on vacation, beach and on a walk with friends on hot summer days. But quite often you can find a situation when your favorite shorts have long been on a shelf idle – they have become either old or not fashionable, or both together. Do not rush to throw them away, because this situation is fixed – to give your favorite shorts a second life, try to decorate them with your own hands. How can I do that? We will devote this article to the answer to this question, because there are a great many options for decoration of shorts in our time.

How to decorate shorts

All representatives of the beautiful half of humanity who love a romantic style can be advised to use a cup of lace to decorate their short. By the way, the same advice can be given even by a woman who does not love romanticism in clothes too much. If they want to look fashionable, then the shorts decorated with lace must be present in their wardrobe, because now femininity has returned to fashion again.

Start the finish of shorts with lace. To do this, you will need to buy in a store for needlewomen not too wide lace, its width should be approximately 3 centimeters. Take your shorts and spread them at the seam below. Moving the material so that there are no irregularities and folds left on it, and sew the lace to the shorts on the shorts on the wrong side, not forgetting to tie up short fabric so that it does not pour out later. If there are pockets on shorts, then you can also sew lace to them – so your shorts will become even better. If desired, pockets can be left without finishing.

Another option for using lace for decoration of shorts can be recommended only to young and slender girls. Sew on the belt of shorts lace so that it peels out by about one or a half centimeter – this will give your image a tenderness.

To create a cowboy style, you can use leather fringe. Sew your shorts on the edges of your pockets and catch numerous male views on yourself.

Recently, more and more often, stylists recommend using special paints for decorating shorts, which you can draw on the fabric everything you like. Especially often decorated jeans shorts. For example, on shorts you can draw the trend of the season – American flag. After the paints dry, reward your shorts with an iron through cotton fabric or paper.

How to decorate shorts

If you like to stand out from the crowd and draw attention to yourself, then you can well paint your shorts in several colors at once. To do this, you should purchase two or three colors of special paint and prepare them as the instruction requires. Next, take your shorts and lower them in parts in different colors – as a result you will get a very beautiful and stylish gradient staining.

Many representatives of the fair sex will surely like shorts decorated with sequins or rhinestones. Shorts that are embroidered with asymmetric – only on one side look great. Such decor elements can be sewn or glued – choose the option that is more convenient for you. Blue shorts decorated with white beads, rhinestones or sequins will look very tender. Of course, we can always go to meet our imagination and use any other colors you like. In addition, it is not at all necessary to use such decor elements separately – modern fashion will not object to you to use them together in the same model.

Those girls who love clothes with spikes or rivets can be offered to transform shorts with their help. You can finish with rivets or spikes, for example, the pockets of the product, or lay them at the seams or on the worship belt.

How to decorate shorts

The next option for decoration of shorts is the creation of scuffs fashionable in the last seasons. To do this, you will not need to buy anything at all – take a grater and rub your shorts where you want it. If you want to have small scuffs, then you do not need to rub hard.  But to create strong scuffs, you will need to make certain efforts.