How to go to a bathhouse

Each of you, probably, at least once in your life visited the bathhouse. And everyone knows the healing properties of high temperature and steam. In the bath, metabolism is sharply activated and blood circulation improves. Together with then harmful substances come out of the body, and it is better to become well -being. But it is not for nothing that they say after visiting the bath the phrase “how was born again”. But in order to bring the maximum benefit from visiting the bath, you should know some rules.

It should be noted that not all people can go to the bathhouse. The procedures are contraindicated in diseases of the cardiovascular and nervous system, the respiratory tract, the musculoskeletal system and the gastrointestinal tract. Also, visiting the steam room should refrain from those who have skin and kidney diseases. If women have such gynecological diseases as acute inflammatory diseases, complications of pregnancy and postoperative condition, then the bathhouse is strictly contraindicated in order not to aggravate their condition.

Be sure to put such bath accessories as a terry towel or sheet, a broom, shampoo, shampoo, slippers, a washcloth and a felt cap in your bag before visiting the bathhouse. It is also advisable not to forget about pumice, comb, a small towel for removing sweat from the body, a massage brush and a nutrient cream for the body and face. If you are hungry, you can take a thermos with tea, sandwiches, vegetables and fruits with you.

It is better not to visit the bathhouse more often twice a week, since you can wash in addition to harmful slags and useful trace elements. Do not sit in the steam room for longer than 15-20 minutes. The entire bath procedure takes 2-3 hours, but only 15-35 minutes from that time can be carried out by steam room. In the bath you need to steam only lying down, because standing a risk of getting a sunny blow, because the difference in temperature at the legs and head is very large.

In the bath you need to behave correctly in order to benefit from her visit. Before entering the steam room, you should wash well with soap and washcloth. You need to open all pores carefully removing the pollution from the body. After a shower, you should go in a fooled moment for three, so that the body can adapt to high temperatures. Be sure to put on a headdress in the steam room, which will keep your head from overheating.

After the first visit to the bath, you need to relax for about twenty minutes, then you can return to the steam room again. Lie on the shelf, and let your body be steamed well. So that all the slags come out for twenty minutes. Now you can swim in the pool. Due to the fact that in cold water, the pores dilated quickly narrow, the skin becomes elastic and elastic. But you should not abuse bathing in cold water. 5-15 seconds are enough to achieve a positive effect, otherwise you can tear down the next day with a cold. Now you can take a broom and go to the steam room.

In order to warm up all parts of the body, you need to change the pose more often. Also in the steamer should be breathed only through the nose, then the inhaled hot air will cool, and the cold is heated. You should not stand abruptly if you are in a false position in the steam room, because you can lose your balance. In order to prepare a circulatory system for the position of standing, you need to sit down for a minute. It is not recommended immediately after leaving the steam room to go to rest. You need to walk deeply for 2-3 minutes. Before every visit to the steam room you need to relax at least 15 minutes. For all the time you visit the bath you need to go to the steam room 3-4 times. Contrast procedures should be taken between the approaches to the steam room, but those who want to get rid of excess weight need to remember that cooling stops sweating.

Bath [1] should not be visited after drinking alcohol. It is forbidden to steam on an empty stomach or on a full stomach, before bedtime or in a tired state. Before visiting the steam room, you can not wet your head with water. After the end of bath procedures, wash the body well. You can drink mint tea or mineral water.