How to store clothes in the absence of a closet

Cabinets made by modern manufacturers, spacious, practical and stylish. Things that are saved in the closet do not deteriorate, do not fall dust and serve the owner much longer. But, let’s say, you moved to a new, still completely unlucky apartment. What then? Where to keep your things so that they do not get dirty and do not tear? We offer you some interesting solutions to the problem.

one. Suitcases

First you can store things in suitcases. Until you get comfortable in a new apartment, your clothes will be preserved in your suitcases. There it will not break, and will not fall dust. But this is relevant only for seasonal things, that is, only those that will not be useful to you at the moment. But if you need things constantly, then taking out the suitcase every day will not bring much pleasure. In this case, it is better to look closely at other options. If the situation is critical – attach a sticker with a description of the contents to each suitcase, this will facilitate the search for a certain thing.

2. Boxes

This option is similar to a solution with suitcases, however, it’s still a little more convenient in practice. To find and fold it in it easier to find a box than buy a new suitcase. Moreover, coobbies are several times more spacious than a suitcase. In this case, stickers with the content of the box are also useful.

A plastic container is somewhat more practical than boxes, since it is transparent, and without even taking out the contents, you can see what is located there. If you contain clothes and shoes in a plastic container, do not forget to ventilate the things stored there.

3. Organizers and shelves

For permanent use, we recommend that you purchase shelves and organizers pockets that are easily attached to the wall and do not take up much space. Shelves can be installed both in the closet and right in the room. Such devices are easily folded, compact and conveniently clean them.

four. Walk-in closet

This is the best option, because inside you can equip everything to your liking and buy cabinets, cabinets and shelves. Things in such a room will always be in perfect order and cleanliness. Here you can also store different household items, for example, an ironing board.

5. Mobile hangers

Posters for clothes are not only an attribute of a catwalk, but also an ordinary interior item. It is very convenient to fold and hold clothes on them and does not make you bother once again. Things are in a well -groomed state, do not think and do not deteriorate. So that they do not fall dust, you can use special protective clothing bags. You can equip a whole room and keep there several such hangers.

6. Non -standard cornice

This original solution will not suit everyone, but nevertheless you can try. Put an ordinary cornice to the wall, but instead of curtains, hang your clothes there. This is a non -standard version of a mobile hanger.