How to photograph in nature

The photograph in nature is perhaps the most popular direction and this is not by chance, because on a trip, a campaign and just on the street we often have to pick up a camera when we see an amazing landscape. In nature, you can capture not only mountains, rivers, plants, but also suddenly appearing animals or birds, which makes the photo even more unexpected and interesting.

How to photograph in nature

When photographing in nature, you need to consider not only general recommendations how to photograph in general, but also special points that will help to take pictures better, interesting and give you more opportunities when shooting.

General recommendations

First of all, when going to nature with a camera, decide what goals you pursue: you are going to shoot animals, landscape, or humans. Depending on this, equip all the necessary attributes of the shooting. If you are a lover of wild nature, then you will need an appropriate telephoto lens that can bring closer to long distances. If you are a lover of macrophotography, then the macro lens will also be very useful for you. A wide -angle lens will be a great solution for the shooting of landscapes.

How to photograph in nature

If on a campaign or trip and you do not have a specific goal, then it is better to always keep the camera on the neck to catch the desired frame, such as a bird or an animal at the right time.

Do not forget to take care of the spare battery so that it is not offended for unused opportunities. Also, a tripod will be useful in nature, even despite good lighting with a rotating head on a tripod, you can find unusual shooting angles. A moisture -proof package will also be useful in nature, which will help maintain your technique from dew or rain.

We take pictures of the landscape

The magnificence and triumph of nature, qualitatively taken to the camera, is able to touch the heart of anyone, but for this one beauty of nature is not always enough, some knowledge and patience are needed.

A useful attribute of nature in nature is a blend that protects against sunlight and prevent unwanted glare.

How to photograph in nature

The best time for shooting will be dawn or sunset, or time shortly before their start. Do not take pictures at noon when the sun’s rays are most aggressive. But cloudy weather will also be suitable for shooting, the clouds are not only natural light disperfiters, but also a spicy addition to the idea of ​​the picture, they can bring some dramaism.

It is recommended to choose the greatest depth of sharpness when shooting a landscape so that more items are clear. The smallest depth of sharpness is suitable when shooting insects or animals.

We take pictures of the portrait

Removing a portrait in nature, the photographer has two options for actions. The first is to focus on the model and blur the distracting background, and the second is to try to convey a beautiful panorama in the background. In the first case, you need to open the diaphragm as much as possible and nothing will distract the viewer from the portrait of the model, except that the blue sky or the blurry field of colors that you can see behind a person.

How to photograph in nature

In the second case, the diaphragm is not necessary to open too much that the background is visible. For example, removing against the backdrop of beautiful mountains, turquoise waves or green garden you probably want to show the area and atmosphere around. As when shooting a landscape, you need to avoid midday time to shoot. If there is simply no other time for photographing, then you can shoot in the shade, for example under a tree, only in this case you need to monitor the solar glare that break through the foliage so as not to get a leopard face on the frame.