How to photograph the sea

The unpredictable sea is becoming attracted to artists at all times, and photographers are also no exception. What could be more interesting than to capture the raging sea element or, on the contrary, show an amazing calm surface of the water. Photos of the sea will always be different, depending on the weather, time of year and day, your idea and mood. In any case, there are a number of features that need to be paid attention to, removing the panorama of marine landscapes unique

Choose equipment

To shoot sea landscapes, you can only advise the choice of equipment that is able to expand your creative abilities.

How to photograph the sea

But if you have an ordinary compact soap dish, then this is not a reason for a disorder, take it off on it, because the main thing is your creativity, idea and desire to create interesting personnel.

The mirror camera with the possibility of manual setting will be able to expand your capabilities. It is desirable that the camera supports the RAW shooting format, in which on the computer you can correct or adjust the colors, glare and the like.

How to photograph the sea

The use of a wide -angle lens will help to cover a larger space and get colorful panoramic pictures of the sea. You can’t do without a tripod here, because you will mainly shoot the sea in morning or evening hours with insufficient light. A tripod will help stabilize your camera and will allow you to take pictures on long exposures. Various filters can be useful, with which you can achieve various effects in shooting, as well as remove unwanted glare on the water.

Choose time

When shooting sea landscapes, you must definitely plan the time when you are going to take pictures. Find out the weather, cloudiness and the possibility of precipitation in advance, which will help you when preparing the planned shooting. The main time for shooting the sea is the morning or evening hours, when the light is the softest and the shadows lie in the frame evenly.

Removing at dawn, you will be able to get magnificent colors of blue water, which at another time is simply not possible. You need to be in place an hour before dawn, in order to configure the camera in time and not miss the right moment. The photos on sunset are surprisingly beautiful when the sun affects the sea surface and shimmers with paints. Please note that sunrises and sunsets depend on the time of year, and do not forget to track it.

One of the spectacular and amazing photos is obtained in bad weather, for example, with a storm, where you can show a special mood and drama of the picture. The pictures with strong cloudiness will be good when, in addition to the sea, you can demonstrate a low sky with interesting clouds.

Features of shooting

The sea is distinguished by dynamism and its unpredictable character, so proceeding to shoot you need to pay attention to a number of features. If you want to convey the movement of sea waves, then you need to shoot at short excerpts, which will stop the movement and clearly show it in the frame. On the contrary, to convey the expression of the sea and water fog should be used long excerpts, while using the tripod. In any case, ISO is recommended to use the minimum value to get good quality photos

How to photograph the sea

Look for new shooting points, for example, pictures from low points are interesting or, conversely, from a hill.

Pay attention to the exposition, and look for new ideas, avoiding templates. To do this, inspect carefully the coastal area, suddenly there are some interesting objects nearby that can be used as the main subject of shooting, such as large shells, stones, tide objects thrown off.