How to save water in an apartment

Any family is faced with the fact that every month you need to pay for mandatory payments for the apartment. For electricity, heating and in third place is the account for water. Compared to other payments, this account does not look very large.Usually, we are not interested in the question of how to save water. Control is the key to successful savings.  Most people have water meters in the apartments. It is not at all difficult to record the figures of the readings from the receipt in the notebook, and in a month to see how much your savings turned out.

How to save water in an apartment

Then check your plumbing equipment in the apartment, maybe you have uncontrolled leaks due to some kind of fault. Thanks to the counters, it is easy to do it quite easily. Write down the readings, block all the taps well and after a few hours compare the readings. If the indications do not correspond, you should look for the reason.

Inspect carefully cranes in the bathroom and kitchen. If they are not fixed, then excess consumption per year can be up to 8 thousand. liters per year. Also check the drain tank. Perhaps the malfunction has just begun, so the leakage process is not very noticeable.

To do this, put the food dye in a tank with water, after a while you will notice if there was a malfunction. To do this, try to fix it yourself or call plumbing. If you decide to start saving water, then tell all the members of your family, otherwise the savings will not work. See how the taps are closed, if a lot of effort is required for their full closure, perhaps they should be replaced, Small members of your family will not be able to apply a lot of effort to completely block the water.

Categories of water saving

There are two categories – this is a technical improvement and the human factor.

Human factor of water saving

How to save water in an apartment

How to save water in the bathroom

Since cold water is cheaper than hot, so it is better to use it more often.

When brushing your teeth, you can include a crane only at the beginning and in a horse of this procedure. Your savings will be 3 thousand. liters per month.

You can shave with the cranes turned off. Savings per month will be 1,500 liters per month.

Preferably wash in the shower than in a filled bath. Also, water can be turned on only at the beginning and at the end of the reception. At a time, such savings from a person will be 20 liters.

Try to turn on the washing machine, only when the machine is completely loaded.

Do not throw out the garbage into the toilet, therefore it will not have to be washed off.

How to save water in the kitchen

If you wash the dishes manually, then wash it correctly. Pour the sink full of water and wash all the dishes in it. The tap will need to be turned on only when it will be necessary to rinse.

If you use a dishwasher, then start it only when the machine is completely loaded.

Do not defrost frozen products with cold or hot water. So your savings are reduced, as well as harmful microorganisms multiply. Use a microwave or leave to thaw at night.

Wash fruits and vegetables in a filled sink.

It will be difficult at first, but if you apply a little effort, you will learn how to save.

How to save water in an apartment

Technical techniques of savings:

Instead of 2 taps with one lever mixer. The process achievement of the desired temperature is faster.

Buy a shower water with aeration function. This procedure will not only be economical, but also comfortable. Water is saturated with air bubbles, jets become more voluminous and softer.

Toilet with a system of combined drain. Since it is not always required to use the barrel when it is completely lowering.

Of course, this is most suitable for those who have just started repairs, since when purchasing all this is specially much you will not save.