How to speak beautifully

The ability to speak beautifully and harmoniously conduct a possible conversation was considered an important human art. In today’s modernity, it is enough to sometimes hear how the interlocutor says and it is clear what he is like. Voice is a unique acquisition for each of us: timbre, intonation, pronunciation rhythm, two identical voices on the planet does not exist. Therefore, it is necessary to use it correctly. A significant role is played by the purity of speech. Those present always strongly irritate the words of “parasites”, such as “means”, “type”, “well” and many others, it is necessary to radically exclude these “binding” words between the presentation of thoughts.

How to speak beautifully

For this a good friend will be a tape recorder. Write down your performances and listen carefully the turns that you use, and at the same time calculate the number of “favorite words”. Collect the background of your speeches, this will make it possible to track your growth in the ability to speak beautifully in speakers or, on the contrary, will show deterioration and by what parameters. We also exclude interrogative sentences and justification from speech.

We begin to read more, we need to make it a rule to read on a day, in addition to newspaper passages, fiction. This expands the vocabulary, adds charm to the conversation, especially the use of interesting phraseological elements. Retell read excerpts. It is advisable to read aloud, such an exercise helps to gain confidence and replenish the vocabulary.

Imitate a television announcer, especially those who use beautiful words in the conversation. Read your favorite poems with different glosses. Exercises are suitable: reading aloud, work with a dictionary, recording, monologues.

How to speak beautifully

We learn to speak correctly, many beginner public personalities resort to the help of teachers in rhetoric. But any person is able to master the oratorical art. You just need to train hard: monitor the speech, build stylistics based on the norms of the literary language, do not use parasitic words.

Improve the technique of beautiful speech in practice. Start improving, try to become a company of the company using your wit. Remember! Speech should be intelligible, clear and substantial do not spray through the little things and do not become a bore.

Just set yourself a goal, develop a schedule of exercises and go.