How to train a tsvergshnauzer

So, you became the owner of a small bearded miracle. The acquisition of a dog is, of course, a joyful event, but at the same time a big responsibility. Having played enough and admiring his pet, each dog breeder begins to wonder: but how to raise a puppy correctly to grow a smart and obedient dog?

There are many different methods of training, but the most important thing is to read the character of the dog, which also depends on the breed. It is no secret that the Tsvergshneuszer is a very active, lively, energetic dog. He loves to run, play, gets along well with children, is very smart, but at the same time stubborn, cunning, we’ll easily get too much, which can sometimes cause some difficulties in training, especially if this is your first dog. Therefore, raising a small bearded man, you have to show a maximum of perseverance and patience.

How to train a tsvergshnauzer

First you need to gain authority with your pet, he must understand that you are a “leader”, not he. Moreover, this should happen from the first days of the appearance of a new family member in your home. You should immediately determine the boundaries of the permitted one: for example, if you do not want an adult dog to enter the rooms in your absence or lie on the bed, you should not allow this puppy, etc.D.

If the dog does not obey, you need to persistently repeat your requirement and forcibly force it to perform the required action.

Suppose the dog is already trained in the place “Place!”, But does not want to fulfill it. In this case, you should give a command in a strict voice and take the dog to its place. Knowing the stubbornness of Tsverg, it is safe to say that in nine out of ten cases he will return back. Here you need to be patient and take it to its place until it stops returning. The meaning of such actions is that the dog understands that anyway you will achieve your own and no matter how stubborn, you still have to do as you say as you say. The same should be done when performing other teams. In addition, it is necessary to eradicate the negative qualities of the dog (for example, many Tsvergs are inherent in manifestation of aggression in the form of a grin with punishment or attempts to bite the owner in the game). Your pet must clearly know that such things are unacceptable.

At the same time, you should not skimp on praise with good behavior or when performing a command. A favorite treat or just the affection of the owner can act as praise – over time you yourself will understand that for your dog is more preferable.

How to train a tsvergshnauzer

In general, the most important thing in training is to establish contact with the animal and determine your place as a “leader”. And with the right approach and a bit of patience, you will receive the most devoted, faithful and obedient friend.