How to achieve alimony

Unfortunately, there are irresponsible parents who do not want to participate in raising their own children. This, of course, is very sad, because you have to achieve with difficulty what is supposed by law and conscience.

How to achieve alimony

A lot of funds are required to grow a child, and every year the baby has more and more needs. If you can’t achieve help in conscience, only alimony remains.

To receive alimony, it is necessary for a start, to file an application with the district court. After submitting the application, a lawsuit will be appointed in which you will discuss the amount of alimony, if you decide to recover alimony in the form of a solid amount, and not the interest ratio from the salary. At the hearing a writ of execution will be drawn up, with which you later spin. This is a very important document.

There is little to get a writ of execution, since you should, then deliver it to the bailiffs. Bailiffs must monitor the timely payment of alimony by one of the parents. Sometimes bailiffs work unscrupulous, and you will have to remind yourself from time to time.

If the defendant changed the place of work and evades alimony, you will again have to go to the bailiffs. You will have to prove to them that you will not receive any translations, and they will begin to investigate the case of non -payment. In this case, they have the right to accrue penalties for delay in alimony payments. Keep in mind that since the entry into force of the writ of execution, it is considered every month. And if the payment does not receive for some month, this amount is charged from the next income of the defendant. Thus, when non -payment of alimony, the defendant accumulates the debt to his child, who he will still have to pay.

If alimony still does not come, you have the right to sue the defendant, and the court may already declare the defendant a malicious defarator of alimony. Such unscrupulous people can subject the inventory of property, and lose property on the payment of their debts. Of course, it is better not to bring to this, but it happens in life in different ways.

In any case, achieving the payment of all debts on alimony, remember that the defendant is not a stranger to you. And the child still should not suffer from your strife.

How to achieve alimony

Decide for yourself what is more important for you: your baby’s peace or money? If the relationship is already nowhere to go further, then you can go to the end in the struggle for justice. Otherwise, think about how to think. Still, the calmness of your child, you will not buy for any money.