How to turn a tank into a dwelling

You can independently make such a residential house for a summer residence, rest or work.

And you will get a great such residential carriage. No need to buy a real one for crazy money.

How to turn a tank into a dwelling

You were lucky enough to purchase such a tank. Now you can start work. There will not be possible to do a lot and quickly. It will be necessary to purchase a lot of necessary goods, tools and devices.

To begin with, this is already prepared for you, the tank is washed and cleaned. Everything is ready to work.

First of all, you should start with the frame. If the tank is large, then you can make a rectangular frame. It’s easier here and we will miss it.

And if there is a lot of place inside the place, it is better to make the frame round, excluding, of course, the floor. This is the option that we will consider.

First of all, you should cut the door in the tank. We will make it from the end. You need to calculate where the floor will be, the threshold. Measure, draw a future door and cut. You can also immediately cut the future window from another end.

Also, be sure to reliably brew the upper hatch in the tank.

Having received, thereby, access inside the tank, you can safely start the frame. The frame is made wooden from bars. The bars should be strong, 10 by 10 cm and long (so that there is enough length). Instead of the lower bars, you should put, strong and thick boards (best for 50 mm). They will have a floor and they will carry the main load.

Bars and boards are cut along the length of the tank. Then you should mark from the inside, where they should be installed and drilled in the tank holes for bolts.

After that, you need to fasten the bars on the bolts. Nuts should be completely buried in bars. The ends of the bolts should be cut.

At the end ends of the tank, too, you need to attach bars from top to bottom. Bolts.

The frame is ready. The next stage is the installation of the floor. For the floor, approximately the third or fourth lower part of the tank volume will leave. You have already taken into account this, and thick boards are screwed in the right place.

But first, it will be necessary to drill several holes along its entire length at the bottom of the tank. This is necessary so that then water and condensate can flow in them. Then thermal insulation is laid.

Only now you can start directly to the floor. First, transverse beams are placed and floorboards are nailed to them. In the place at the entrance where the stove will be installed, should be put up for reliability, under the boards, and put the bars more.

How to turn a tank into a dwelling

To deprive the round part of the frame, it is necessary, first, again, cover the thermal insulation again. Then you can take sheets of fiberboard and, bending them around the tank, fasten them on screws to the bars. On top of the fiberboard you can glue self -adhesive wallpaper, or deprived with soft beautiful panels. The ends also do the same.

It remains to make the door and the window. There is already a doorway (cut part of the end) should be put and put it by welding the loops. The doors from the inside must also be deprived of the same walls, installing wooden jambs.

You need to install a wooden frame in the window and put the window. Screw the loop to the window, it will have to open.

Iron stove should be installed at the entrance from the side. The pipe must be removed up from the tank. The angle behind the stove must be shut up with fireproof panels, and nail a sheet of iron in front of the firebox on the floor.

In principle, everything is ready. It remains only to bring beauty, put on the floor of linoleum, install furniture, bring electricity and everything else. It all depends on the desire of the owner.

It is better to paint the tank itself in a bright color, so it will be less heated into a hot summer heat.

If there is a desire and desire, then you can install a tank on wheels or on a sled. Then it will be possible to move it to the right place. For example, take your room to the river and fish there for several days, or hunting.

It will turn out such a mobile residential house. Great.