How to visually increase the space in the bathroom

Most often we are faced with the fact that our apartments are not very large and in order to visually expand the space we have to resort to a variety of tricks. The bathroom is perhaps the smallest among all the rooms in the apartment. But if you resort to some tricks, you can make a cozy and comfortable room out of it. In order to achieve this, it is necessary to use such techniques. First, choose the right color scheme. If you want to visually expand the space, you need to paint the walls in a light pastel tone. Do not use contrasting combinations of colors, as they will “eat” the entire space. An interesting technique for increasing space is to decorate the walls with strips. Experts also recommend that the bathroom install a new temperature control device, it monitors the temperature in the room and shows the exact temperature.

In order to increase the room in width, use horizontal strips, in height – vertical. Choose the doors and furniture to match the walls, then they will not fall into the eye and help to increase the space. Use mirrors. The bathroom is the place where the maximum number of mirrors will not spoil your room, but on the contrary, it will help to increase it. To increase the space, you can use a modern shower instead of a bath. This will help save space in the room. Use bright details, such as towels in the far corners of the room, so that the gaze does not immediately come across them.