Japanese accuracy at the democratic price from Omega (Taiwan)

For measuring tools, the first determining parameter is accuracy. For laser levels, it is all the more important that the accuracy of the device is maximum, and it

The entire service life of the device, t,.e. During the service life of the device, all responsible for the exact operation of the modules 100% gave a reliable result.

Given the high requirements for the work of laser appliances and the company’s desire to provide customers with democratic (acceptable) prices, it was decided to develop a line of levels with high -quality laser modules of the Japanese company Sanyo, which have been using leading Japanese manufacturers in production for many years.

The entire laser module, and not just laser radiation diodes are made by Sanyo Corporation (Japan) and it was this fundamental solution that made it possible to achieve high accuracy and working distance of the entire line of professional laser levels of Omega. Of course, in addition to the accuracy and power of diode modules, they are inherent in high durability.

Modern laser levels, compact, reliable and highly effective in work – this can be characterized by several words to a new model range of a new Omega brand for our market. The narrow specialization of the company from Taiwan Omega Lasertools Company Ltd allowed to concentrate on the main one, and the main thing is the quality.

Modern construction is impossible without quality tools, and most importantly, the requirements are an order of magnitude higher today than 10-20 years ago. This is not only about the requirements of public services, but also the customers themselves – the main customers of the construction result!

Omega VHD 2-20 Professional, Omega VHD 3-20 Professional and Omega VHD 5-20 Professional are key in the assortment.to. This is 2-, 3- and 5-liner, respectively (t.e. Two-, three- and five-beam devices with laser zenith), which allow you to do work much more difficult than simple and familiar cross-beam levels for many.

With all the differences, one of the key points in choosing a laser level, not only in our country, is the cost, t.e. Price purchased laser tool. And here Omega laser levels have a great advantage compared to many other manufacturers, t.to. The company offers at an affordable price high -precision and high -quality devices!

The main achievement of Taiwan Omega Lasertools Company Ltd in the production of instruments with laser technology is to ensure the lowest percentage of marriage in this category, as well as constant control of the accuracy of all devices. Each device that goes from the conveyor is necessarily tested for performance and accuracy and only after that it enters the calibration and adjustment workshop to the necessary parameters.

The use of Japanese laser Sanyo modules and the best materials, high production efficiency, mandatory testing and calibration of all devices are the basic rules of Omega, which make it successful. When buying Omega laser levels, you can be sure that your hands are a reliable, high -quality and accurate device!