Bright solutions

If you choose wallpaper and want to embody your dream into reality, you need to clearly see in what style you want to arrange each room, and of course what wallpapers are suitable for this. How bright and colorful wallpaper can you choose yourself, it depends on the characteristics of your inner world. The choice of color for walls depends on some more factors. The first, light colors visually expand the space, and accordingly the dark narrow it. Second, glue wallpaper of warm tones – green, active red, yellow, better in cold rooms, so that they are a little visually warm. Of course, the purpose of the premises should not be excluded. By the way, when changing the interior in the children’s room, it is best to use ready -made cabinets in the nursery.

The bedroom, for example, should not be made screaming scarlet color. After all, in the bedroom, a person rests and relaxes, and the red color forces the action. But, if this place is not associated with your vacation and the age criteria of the inhabitants allow you, then you can experiment. Bright wallpaper on the walls is quite interesting, but if it is incorrectly using shades, it can bring little discomfort. The saturation of the walls can close the beauty of the interior, which will be difficult to notice against the background of a random color chaos. Creating beautiful bright walls is not desirable to use wallpaper of the same color. The light of the sun and artificial lighting can slightly change the color of the walls of the walls. Of great importance is how the apartment is located regarding the sun. In the rays of sunset, yellow is transformed into bright orange, and purple color at dusk becomes almost black.