News portal “Sloboda region” of Kharkov and the region

The time is turbulent today, and people get the main information about the state of affairs from the news. But there are many media outlets, bloggers, and journalists, and they do not always tell the truth.

How not to drown in propaganda, half-truths and outright lies? Go to the site “Slobodskoy Krai”.


Slobidskyi krai is a regional media brand specializing in Kharkiv region. The media is completely Ukrainian, without foreign influence. It includes a multimedia site and the region’s oldest newspaper. Fresh information can also be found in the social networks of the Sloboda Territory, but these two resources are the main ones.
Krai has been operating since 1917. It covers all generations, all spheres of life. Military chronicle? Road accident? The start of the heating season? New exhibit at the museum? News from the smallest and most remote villages? regional center? The information is very diverse, but the most useful, interesting and honest. The site is intended for Kharkiv residents, but anyone can follow the state of affairs. After all, the portal is accessible from anywhere in the world.

The news is only fresh (although there is a news archive). Sloboda Krai has its own team of experienced journalists, but is willing to work with other regional media outlets to get the most up-to-date and truthful information.


Slobodskoy Krai is an independent publication. It is not controlled by political factions, individual politicians, oligarchs. The media takes a neutral position in any political issues, maintaining complete impartiality.
The information is checked and rechecked. Krai publishes only truthful information.

Not only the center. The publication willingly writes about the most remote corners of the region. All are important.

Media publishes only necessary information. It is very diverse, because people of different generations, with different lifestyles, need different things. But useless on the site can not be found.

“Slobodskoy Krai” takes into account all sources. Messages are published not only from local authorities and self-government bodies, but also from ordinary readers.

As an advertisement

The publication has a wide audience. Tens of thousands of people follow the site and pages on social networks every day. Advertising is welcome: the publication of goods useful for the residents of the Kharkiv region helps people improve the quality of life and save money. Therefore, Sloboda Krai actively cooperates with entrepreneurs. But only on the subject of advertising, businessmen do not influence the published news.

A printed newspaper, its electronic version, a website, social networks – there are many platforms for placement, and the target audience will definitely see the ad. Offers are developed individually. Slobodskoy Krai is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to draw attention to their product.